Sensorimotor Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory

Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
635 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
Principal Investigator:  Cara Stepp

Visit the Sensorimotor Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory website for more information.

The STEPP LAB for Sensorimotor Rehabilitation Engineering combines neural, electrical, and mechanical engineering to rehabilitate disordered sensorimotor function.  We study normal and disordered speech and voice, and use engineering approaches to investigate sensorimotor disorders, with the goal of rehabilitating disordered movement.  Our long-term research goal is to extend therapeutic advances to the speech system, improving current treatment alternatives.  We  exploit multimodal sensory feedback and virtual reality to develop novel neuroprostheses and engineering solutions for sensorimotor rehabilitation.  The Lab is part of the Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences Department at Boston University and under the direction of Dr. Cara E. Stepp.

The STEPP LAB is a multidisciplinary group with interests in basic science and clinical application.  Example backgrounds of students include: speech & hearing, mechanical/electrical/biomedical engineering, neuroscience, computer science, math, cognitive science, physical therapy / kinesiology, and medicine. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students to participate.