Professor Emeritus of History

American social history: popular culture, ethnicity, violence

Professor Boskin was Professor of History through the 2000-01 academic year and continues to teach in Boston University’s Metropolitan College. He is the author of many articles, book chapters, encyclopedia entries, review essays, and several books, including Into Slavery: Racial Decisions in the Virginia Colony (1977), Sambo: The Rise & Demise of an American Jester (1986), and Rebellious Laughter: People’s Humor in American Culture (1997). Among his edited works are Seasons of Rebellion: Protest and Radicalism in Recent America, co-author with Robert A. Rosenstone (1972), Urban Racial Violence in the Twentieth Century (1976), and The Humor Prism in Twentieth Century America (1997). He is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Humor published by Mouton de Gruyter. His current writing focuses on comedic narratives and essays.

Curriculum Vitae