Mr. Faisal Mansoor is working as an Analyst in the field of anti-money laundering, combating terrorism and terrorism financing. Currently, he is serving as a Deputy Director in the Analysis Division of Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU), Government of Pakistan. At FMU, Mr. Mansoor is working on the operational and strategic analysis of Suspicious Transaction Reports and Currency Transaction Reports. Mr. Mansoor is quite instrumental in strengthening the core analysis function of FMU. He has produced various financial intelligence for sharing with Law Enforcement Agencies on different predicate offenses of money laundering including tax evasion, corruption, smuggling and issues related to trade based money laundering, drugs trafficking, Hawala/ Hundi, frauds , Ponzi Schemes. His work on the strategic analysis side includes issues related to currency hoardings and its economic implications, risks of money laundering and terrorist financing associated with foreign remittances, unauthorized money changing businesses. Mr. Mansoor has also key role at FMU in overseeing the implementation of United Nation Sanctions and effectiveness of controls in Pakistan for combating terrorism and terrorist financing. During his stay at FMU, Mr. Mansoor has played a vital role in setting up of the Compliance Function at FMU and FMU Anti- Terrorism Task Force. He has also worked in different Working Groups in the 2019- FATF Mutual Evaluation of Pakistan and Country’s National Risk Assessment. Mr. Mansoor is ambitious to work as a FATF Assessor and Policy Analyst in the field of AML/CFT to contribute his best part in addressing the global challenges of money laundering and terrorism financing.

During his Humphrey Fellowship Program, he wants to learn and develop his skills in the US Financial System, and more importantly learn about the rich US culture.

He has an MBA (Finance) with Scholastic distinction from the University of Peshawar and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).