Plasmids can be requested through Addgene–Xue Han Lab

Zhuo JM, Tseng HA, Desai M, Bucklin ME, Mohammed AI, Robinson NT, Boyden ES, Rangel LM, Jasanoff AP, Gritton HJ, Han X. Young adult born neurons enhance hippocampal dependent performance via influences on bilateral networks. Elife. 2016 PubMed PMID: 27914197; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC5156524.
Available plasmids on Addgene: pMSCV-GFP, pMSCV-ArchT-GFP

Sayeg, Marianna; Weinberg, Benjamin; Cha, Susie; Goodloe, Michael; Wong, Wilson; Han, Xue. Rationally designed microRNA-based genetic classifiers target specific neurons in the brain. ACS Syn Bio, 2015 PDF
Available plasmids on Addgene: 12X1C mAGNET8X2C mAGNET4X3C mAGNET4X2C mAGNETpHR-pEF-EGFP



Software codes can be downloaded at Github HanlabBU.

Simon P Shen, Hua-an Tseng, Kyle R Hansen, Ruofan Wu, Howard Gritton, Jennie Si, Xue Han, Automatic Cell Segmentation by Adaptive Thresholding (ACSAT) for large scale calcium imaging datasets, eNeuro, 2018  (Download Matlab Scripts on GitHub)

Hansen KR, DeWalt GJ, Mohammed AI, Tseng HA, Abdulkerim ME, Bensussen S, Saligrama V, Nazer B, Eldred WD, Han X. Mild Blast Injury Produces Acute Changes in Basal Intracellular Calcium Levels and Activity Patterns in Mouse Hippocampal Neurons J Neurotrauma, 2018
Github Repo for Matlab Code: mTBI_Ca_Hippocampus
Supplemental Videos: Video1    Video2

Ali I. Mohammed, Howard J. Gritton, Hua-an Tseng, Mark E. Bucklin, Zhaojie Yao & Xue Han. An integrative approach for analyzing hundreds of neurons in task performing mice using wide-field calcium imaging  Scientific Reports, 2016 PDF
Download the software: pfgc
Download software Manual: WideField_SoftwareManual
Download sample videos: Software Demo Image Files



Richie E. Kohman, and Xue Han. “Light-Sensitization of DNA Nanostructures via Incorporation of Photo-Cleavable Spacers.” Chem. Commun. 2015. PMID: 25720373 PDF; Download: caDNAno file for the spheres

Kohman RE, Cha SS, Man HY, Han X. Light-Triggered Release of Bioactive Molecules from DNA Nanostructures. Nano Letters, 2016 PDF for academic use; Download: caDNAno file for the barrel