BE571/771 Introduction to Neuroengineering

Course Schedule: Spring 2020, MW 10:10-11:55, PHO 210

Instructor: Prof. Xue Han, Office: CILSE805B, Office hour: TBA, Email:

Pre-requisites: BE 209, BE 401, BE 491, BE492 or equivalent.

Suggested Textbooks:

Neuroengineering, edited by Daniel Dilorenzo and Joseph Bronzino, CRC Press;
Principles of Neural Science, Eric Kandel et al, McGraw-Hill Medical; 4th edition

Course Materials: BU blackboard system,

Course description: This course covers existing and future neurotechnologies for analyzing brain signals and for treating neurological and psychiatric diseases. It focuses on the biophysical, biochemical, anatomical principles governing the design of current neurotechnologies, with a goal of encouraging innovations of a new generation of therapies.  Topics include basic microscopic and macroscopic architecture of the brain, the fundamental properties of individual neurons and ensemble neural networks, electrophysiology, DBS, TMS, various imaging methods, optical neural control technologies, optogenetics, neuropharmacology, gene therapy, and stem-cell therapy. Discussions of related literatures and design projects will be involved.


BE606 Quantitative Physiology

Course Schedule: Spring 2017, MW 12:20-2:05, PHO 205

Instructors: Profs. Xue Han and Chris Chen

Suggested Textbooks:

Quantitative Human Physiology, An Introduction, Joseph Feher, Academic Press

Medical Physiology, Guyton and Hall, Elsevier


BE209 Principles of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology

Course Schedule: Fall 2021, WM 10:10-11:55am, PHO 202

Instructors: Prof. Xue Han

Suggested Textbooks: Essential Cell Biology, 5th Edition. by Alberts, Bray, Hopkin, Johnson,Lewis, Raff, Roberts and Walter

Course Materials: BU blackboard system,