Dr. Xue Han’s seminar on Youtube describing our recent work on voltage imaging, Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation at Columbia University Department of Biomedical Engineer (Columbia University, 2022)

Dr. Xue Han is elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) (BU Eng, 2022)

Dr. Xue Han is promoted to Full Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BU News, 2022)

Learning to forget (BU Eng, 2022)

Singling Out a Sound (BU Eng, 2021)

A Picture-Perfect Look at How Electrical Activity Travels through the Brain (BU Today, 2019)

New method visualizes groups of neurons as they compute (MIT News, 2019)

Dr. Xue Han is promoted to Associate Professor (BU News, 2017)

BU School of Engineering celebrates its 50 year anniversary (Youtube, 2014)

Using Light to Diagnose Parkinsonā€™s diseaseĀ  (BU Today, 2014)

WBUR on our work on using optogenetics on Parkinson’s Disease (WBUR, 2014)

Dr. Xue Han visited the White House to receive the PECASE award (The White House, 2014)


Dr. Xue Han won the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) (The White House, 2013)

Congrats to our BioMod team on winning gold at the annual Jamboree (BU Eng, 2013)

Nasal Lining Used to Breach Blood/Brain Barrier (Science Daily, 2013)

    Dr. Xue Han won a NIH new innovator award (NIH, 2012)

    Our work in collaboration with Prof. Grinstaff is awarded a Dean’s Catalyst award (BU Eng, 2012)

    Dr. Xue Han is named a Pew Scholar (BU Today, 2012)

    Dr. Xue Han is named a Peter Paul career development professor (BU Today, 2011)

    Dr. Xue Han won an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (BU Eng, 2011)