BU School of Engineering celebrates its 50 year anniversary! (Sept., 2014) (Artists interpretation of our work on optogenetics. Beautifully done, though not entirely scientifically accurate.)

BU Today: Using Light to Diagnose Parkinson’s.  (Aug., 2014)

Xue PD video


WBUR covered our work on using optogenetics on Parkinson’s Disease. (June, 2014)

Xue visited the White House to receive the PECASE award. (April, 2014)


Xue won the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)! Congrats! (Dec., 2013)

Congrats to our BioMod team on winning gold at the annual Jamboree! (Nov., 2013)


Marianna won the 2013 GAANN graduate fellowship. Congrats! (Aug., 2013)

We have formed the 2013 BU BioMod team,  Team Terriergam. We are seeking donations for our team. Contact Richie Kohman for details. (June, 2013)

Our undergrads, Aditya, Matt, Harvin, Steve, Taylor have won summer research fellowships. Congrats! (June, 2013)

Our work on nasal mucosa based drug delivery into the brain just came out in PlosOne. Congrats, Ben, Richie and Shreshtha! (April, 2013)     Nasal Lining Used to Breach Blood/Brain Barrier–ScienceDaily (April, 2013)

    Xue was invited to attend President Obama announcement of Brain Mapping Initiative in the White House ! (April, 2013)

    New paper from lab on P-glycoprotein function as immunomodulator in human mucosa! Congrats, Angela, Hufsa, John and Ben!

    Xue won a NIH new innovator award! (Sept, 2012)

    Xue is selected as a NARSAD young investigator. (Sept., 2012)

    Our work on Parkinson’s disease received NIH R21 funding. (Aug., 2012)

    Our collaborative work with Bleier on Parkinson’s disease received continued funding from Michael J. Fox foundation. (Aug., 2012)

    Our work in collaboration with Prof. Grinstaff is awarded a Dean’s Catalyst award. (July, 2012)

    Xue’s review article, In vivo Application of Optogenetics for Neural Circuit Analysis, came out in ACS Chemical Neuroscience. (July, 2012)

    Our collaborative work on Parkinson’s disease with McCarthy is funded by a NIH R01. (June, 2012)

    Xue is named a Pew Scholar. (June, 2012)

    Our work in collaboration with the Allen Brain Institute on A toolbox of Cre-dependent optogenetic transgenic mice for light-induced activation and silencing came out in Nature Neuroscience. (Mar., 2012)

    Xue’s review article, Optogenetics in the nonhuman primate, came out in Progress in Brain Research. (Feb., 2012)

    Brian, Xue and Ed’s review article, Genetically encoded molecular tools for light-driven silencing of targeted neurons, came out in Progress in Brain Research. (Feb., 2012)

    Nick won a computational neuroscience graduate fellowship. Congrats! (Jan., 2012)

    Xue is named a Peter Paul career development professor. (Aug., 2011)

    Our work on Parkinson’s disease in collaboration with Bleier is awarded a Michael J. Fox grant. (July, 2011)

    Jiamin won an AFAR postdoctoral fellowship. (June, 2011)

    Our work in collaboration with Dr. Nancy Kopell on the Striatal origin of the pathologic beta oscillations in Parkinson’s disease came out in PNAS  (May, 2011)

    Xue won an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship. (Mar., 2011)