These PhD Program Profiles offer statistical portraits across key metrics, which we hope will provide prospective Boston University PhD students a clear sense of the program or programs in which they are interested. We aim to give prospective students a sense of the probability that they will be admitted, how long it is likely to take them to complete the program if they matriculate, what jobs might await them upon receipt of their PhD and so forth.

Each profile showcases a brief description of the program, and five-year (or more) trend data on: applications and offers, selectivity, entering cohort size, sex and ethnicity demographics, attrition rate, cumulative completion rate, median time to degree, and five- and ten-year out graduate employment outcomes.

Please note: Some of the profiles will reflect missing data in some categories. Missing data can be attributed to insufficient data for reporting purposes, data suppression in instances where low numbers make it impossible to ensure individual student confidentiality, or where data is not available for some reason.

The profiles are organized alphabetically.

PhD Profiles