Fall 2020 Planning: Graduate and Professional Programs

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All graduate and professional programs have been carefully evaluated to determine the best way to provide you with the educational experience you expect at Boston University. The overarching mission is to offer as many graduate programs as possible in a pedagogically responsible way and guided by best public health practices.

BU graduate and professional students may be able to study in a flexible format in fall 2020. While many programs will allow you to be engaged in remote learning, some programs will also have on-campus requirements. Graduate and professional programs that are clinical or experiential will use on-campus learning when it is needed to fulfill specific learning outcomes. These decisions are always made in order to ensure that students are provided with a positive educational experience.

Below are descriptions of the ways your program may be offered. Incoming and returning students should consult the current list of programs to determine what category their program falls into. As always, if you have specific questions about your program, please contact your school or college for guidance.

Master’s and Professional Programs

Learn from Anywhere (LfA)
Boston University will offer classes on campus in Boston, with appropriate physical distancing, and will also make it possible for many students to attend and participate in live class sessions remotely, using a new format called Learn from Anywhere (LfA). Graduate and professional students who are not able to get to Boston by the first day of the fall semester, for whatever reason, will be able to fully participate in their program; they can be completely up-to-date when they are able to sit in a Boston University classroom.

Clinical, Practicum, Field Education, and Performance-Based Programs
Some of BU’s master’s and professional programs may require students to be on campus in the fall semester. Generally, these programs have classes and/or experiential learning components that must take place in person. Consequently, these programs are not included in the Learn from Anywhere model. Please check the list of programs below to see how your program is being offered this fall.

PhD Programs

Most PhD students at Boston University will be able to participate in coursework via Learn from Anywhere (described above) this fall. In general, however, students must be on campus to receive their stipend. For more information, please visit our Fall 2020 PhD FAQs. If you have questions that are not answered by these FAQs, please contact your PhD program directly.

Explore Our Current List of Programs Below