Student Travel Insurance

Massachusetts law requires that all students be enrolled automatically in the Boston University Student Medical Insurance Plan unless they certify that they are covered by a comparable, comprehensive health insurance policy. For students traveling overseas, that means a health insurance policy which provides comprehensive services at the destination as well as in the U.S. It is the obligation of each student to verify that his or her health insurance provides adequate coverage.  Students traveling internationally may need to purchase additional policies to bridge the gaps in coverage, depending on their situation. The possible scenarios are:

I)  Students who have purchased the Boston University Student Medical Insurance Plan are automatically enrolled in worldwide emergency travel assistance services through OnCall International. Please review under For Members menu, the Travel Assistance tab, under Aetna’s Boston University’s plan – and the PDF document, Aetna & OnCall Description of Travel Assistance Services, for a complete description of the services provided.  Students going overseas on this coverage, should download contact OnCall ID Card and call to verify that OnCall provides coverage in your specific countries of travel.

II)  Students who need coverage (and those who desire more than the Aetna & OnCall Plan provides) can purchase a Comprehensive Coverage Plan with HTH for about $2.85/day which you can purchase here. This policy was negotiated by BU Global Programs to provide comprehensive coverage (both medical insurance and emergency travel assistance) for students participating in overseas programs. See the Comprehensive Plan Brochure for details.

Finally,  these policies are valid for the period of time when participating in an activity associated with your BU academic program.  If you continue your overseas travel after your program is complete, you will need to extend your coverage, with a non-BU policy.