Medical Insurance


Since 1989 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has required students enrolled in Massachusetts colleges and universities to have health insurance that meets benefit levels mandated by the Commonwealth. At Boston University, all students enrolled in at least ¾ of a full time course load and all international students are required to be automatically enrolled in one of Boston University’s student health insurance plans. As further described below, participation may be waived if a student provides written confirmation of enrollment in a medical insurance plan offering comparable comprehensive benefits in the Boston area.

To comply with state legal requirements, eligible students will be automatically enrolled in a BU student health insurance plan and their student account will include a charge for the applicable premium amount. The annual premium will appear on the Fall bill. If enrollment begins in the Spring semester, the student account will include a pro-rated premium amount for a student health insurance plan on the Spring bill.

The University offers two tiers of coverage through its Basic and Plus plans, both provided by Aetna Student Health. Although the Plus plan has a higher premium, it offers lower copays and 100% coverage of many in-network services. The Basic Plan offers lower premiums, but has higher copays and offers only 80% coverage of many in-network services.

Important Changes for the 2015-2016 plan year:

As of Fall 2015, students must be enrolled at the PLUS plan level to add eligible dependents. If you are enrolled in the Student BASIC plan and wish to enroll eligible dependents, you must upgrade to the Student PLUS plan by the open enrollment deadline of September 30, 2015. Students who elect to remain enrolled at the Student Basic level will not be eligible to add dependents during the 2015-2016 Plan Year.

Basic Plan:

Most students will be automatically enrolled in the BASIC plan.

  • The annual rate for the BASIC plan is $1,945.
  • Important: As of Fall 2015, dependent coverage is not available to students enrolled in the BASIC plan. 

Plus Plan:

Students may choose to upgrade to the PLUS plan.

  • The annual rate for the PLUS plan is $2,713.
  • To upgrade to the Student PLUS level, visit the Student Link.
  • The final deadline to upgrade to the Student PLUS plan for the 2015-2016 policy year is September 30, 2015.
  • Students enrolled in Student PLUS who wish to add their dependents, click here for instructions.

Students in these programs are automatically enrolled in the PLUS plan. Please click on the link for your program for information on policy dates and rates:

Waiver of Enrollment:

If you are already enrolled in a health insurance plan that provides comparable comprehensive coverage in the Boston area, you may be able to waive enrollment in a BU Student Health Insurance Plan.