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Brookline-Quezalguaque Sister City Project – Summer Practicum in Nicaragua

January 12th, 2018 in GH Announcements, Practicums/Internships

Program Information

Company Name: Brookline-Quezalguaque Sister City Project, Inc.

Organization Description/Mission Statement: 30th year of partnership between Brookline and Quezalguaque, a rural township in western Nicaragua

Program Description:

Last year students, in concert with the neighboring medical school the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, (UNAN) León, faculty and students, surveyed Quezalgauqiue’s adolescents on their sexual knowledge, attitudes and behavior. They discovered a lack of knowledge around HIV which has a small but rising incidence in Nicaragua. They also worked with the local health center, teachers, parents, and town government & regional Ministry of Health to help build pertinent sexual education in the community. In Summer 2018, we plan to increase education around HIV and reach out to adolecents who missed last year’s program, because they had dropped out of high school. Another group we hope to target are adolescents (boys and girls) who have had a child. The group will continue its work with the different community sectors involved in reproductive health education. Two to three US-based public health professionals will accompany the group for the first of the 6 weeks students are in Quezalgauque. In addition to ongoing supervision with the US professionals, the group will work under the direction of UNAN’s Dr. Ugarte, a renowned expert in adolescent health, and alongside medical students from UNAN Leon.

Preferred and/or Required Skills: Good Spanish skills, knowledge of epidemiology and public health campaigns, works well with many people, ability to be flexible, willingness to live and work in a rural environment without many resources

Estimated Start Date: Late May 2018

Estimated End Date: 6 weeks later

Estimated Days/Hours: 6 weeks minimum

Number of Students Requested: 4-6

How to Apply: Email Peter Moyer at to set up an interview. Please include a copy of your resume in the email.

Application Deadline: ASAP – Interviews will be conducted in early February

Supervisor Name: Peter Moyer MD and Kea van der Ziel

Supervisor Email Address:

Supervisor Phone Number: Peter 617-592-3313; Kea 617-935-2940

Notes/Comments: The final project is not solid, but will be worked out with the Boston team and the Nicaraguan health officials in the spring. Speaking with past participants might be a help to applicant

Consortium of Universities for Global Health – Call for Campus Representatives!

September 5th, 2017 in GH Announcements

Dear CUGH Member Institution,

We are reaching out as the Trainee Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Consortium of Universities in Global Health (CUGH) in an effort to engage and bring the voices of local student groups together who are involved in Global Health. We would like to further strengthen and harmonize the diverse efforts of those who share similar goals in Global Health across universities. The TAC is a group of trainees involved in Global Health and selected by CUGH to contribute to the work of the organization and provide a trainee perspective to the organization’s work. We seek to ensure that the CUGH programs benefit from the rich experiences of trainees through acting on their input, counsel, and products in order to build a more robust community. The committee is composed of trainees from undergraduate and graduate levels across disciplines who share an interest in Global Health and  bring the trainee perspective to aid in the advancement of the CUGH mission of building interdisciplinary collaborations in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge to address Global Health challenges, create equity, and reduce health disparities globally.

In pursuit of these goals and to further elicit input from the broader community, we are announcing a call for Campus Representatives from each CUGH member institution. We are looking for Campus Representatives that will act as the liaison between TAC and the Global Health student body at their university. The Representative will be pivotal in reaching out to groups active in Global Health at their institution, playing a vital role in building a larger network for collaboration. The following describe the role of the Campus Representative:

Obligations of a Campus Representative:

  1. Be a liaison between your on-campus Global Health trainee-specific activities and CUGH TAC.
  2. Forward CUGH TAC communications and projects to local students interested in Global Health.
  3. Work on Global Health advocacy projects in collaboration with the CUGH TAC, serving as lead contacts and mobilizers of on-going advocacy work.
  4. Gather local students’ feedback about the roles of CUGH and TAC in Global Health and any modifications that may be warranted.
  5. Provide ideas for solutions to various Global Health issues.
  6. Understand and represent the voice of Global Health students from your member institution.
  7. Create and maintain a list of contacts of students and/or student groups interested in Global Health to facilitate information dissemination.


Benefits of a campus representative:

  1. Be the face of one of the biggest Global Health organizations to your campus.
  2. Possible involvement in organizing Global Health topic webinar series, either content-related or promotional activities.
  3. Network with students and professionals in Global Health on your campus and beyond.
  4. Access to CUGH Young Speaker Bureau.
  5. If your institution is not a CUGH member institution, each campus representative can join CUGH as individual member with membership fee waived during the service term.


Thus, Campus Representatives will serve a critical role in illuminating their institution’s Global Health activities, function as a link between their institution and the members of the CUGH community, and assist in the larger strengthening of the Global Health community. Through acquiring local input and perspective, we can achieve our mission of interdisciplinary collaboration across education, research, and service for mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships between universities in resource-rich and resource-limited countries. The Campus Representative will serve an important role in this capacity.

The nomination form can by filled out by CUGH Institution Representatives:

We would greatly appreciate it if we could receive your nomination by Sept 15, 2017.



CUGH Secretariat

CUGH Trainee Advisory Committee

Presentations and lunch from Former Global Health Pulitzer Student Fellows – March 15th

March 1st, 2017 in Funding, GH Announcements, GH Events, Practicums/Internships

Boston University and Pulitzer Center

Lunch and Presentation from Former Student Fellows
March 15th at 12:30pm
BU College of Communication Room 209


Come hear from the following former student fellows who will be presenting on their work from their fellowships:

Kateri Donahoe
Cutting Ties: Mali’s Struggle Between Tradition and Women’s Health

Rebecca Sananes
Cuba's Headstart on Finding a Cure for AIDS

Kate Petcosky-Kulkarni
Access and Understanding: Exploring the Challenges of Disability in India

Nikita Sampath 
Land Under Water: Living With the Effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh

Applications now open to apply to the 2017 Summer Student Fellowship!
(can be used as a practicum) 


Summer 2017

Since 2011, twenty Boston University students have participated in fully funded international reporting trips as part of the Program on Global Health Storytelling (formerly the Program on Crisis Response and Reporting). The Program on Global Health Storytelling is a collaboration among COM, SPH, the Center for Global Health and Development, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

COM and SPH students have traveled to Kenya, Cuba, Mali, Nepal, Zanzibar, Malawi, Myanmar, Haiti, Turkey, and Uganda reporting a wide range of public health and development issues including child brides, human trafficking, cholera, female genital cutting, migration, refugees, cash transfers, and the aftermath of earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal.

If you would like to be the next Pulitzer Fellow, applications are now open at

Application Deadline: March 20th 2017

Applications Extended until March 13th! – Zambia Field Program Summer Practicum

March 1st, 2017 in GH Announcements

Zambia Field Program Summer PracticumApplications extended until March 13th!

After multiple requests the Department of Global Health has decided to extend the application deadline until Monday March 13th at 5:00pm for the GH775 African Field Practicum in Public Health this Summer. 

The program takes place from May 26-July 2 in Zambia. The students will have a unique opportunity to live in the active market town of Choma, the capital of Zambia’s Southern Province. This 5-week, 4-credit course meets the MPH practicum requirement and can also be taken as a course in 3 MPH certificates (Monitoring & Evaluation, Design & Conduct of Public Health Research, & Global Health) or as an elective for other certificates. The course is divided into four parts: the first is split between classroom and field sessions, the second is classroom lectures and designing the study instruments, the third consists of data collection in the field, and the final part of the course is analysis of the data and presentations to the community and the stakeholders. 

A new informational video about the program and the application to apply can be found here: 

NOTE:  A Santander Travel award is provided to each admitted student, which helps defray travel expenses. There is no separate application needed.

Re-designation of CGHD as a WHO Collaborating Center

December 15th, 2016 in GH Announcements

The Center for Global Health & Development has been a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) in Pharmaceutical Policy since 2000. The Center recently applied for re-designation, proposing a plan for collaboration with WHO Headquarters in Geneva, the PAHO regional office in Washington, and other WHO Collaborating Centers. The re-designation was awarded through 2018.

The proposed key areas of the work are:
Good governance for medicines at global and country level;
New methods for monitoring and evaluating pharmaceutical policies and programs with focus on low and middle income countries;
3.  Advocacy of WHO EML concept and of the rationale and process for updating it.

Veronika Wirtz currently serves as the Director of the Collaborating Center. Please feel free to reach out to Veronika if you have interest in participating in the work that is done in this area. 

CE requirement deadlines

December 15th, 2016 in GH Announcements

The deadline to complete the CE requirement is upon us, and news of CE completions are coming in.

Please Note:
1. The deadline for the final version of your CE is Friday, December 16 at 5pm. This is the date for receiving final approval from your CE advisor, not the day you submit a final draft to your advisor.

2. Once you have your CE advisor approval, you must submit the following via this online form:

  • a. a final version of your CE, (and a completed cover page)
  • b. the email confirming approval from your CE advisor
  • c. a copy of your CV

3. Once the above is complete, I can notify the SPH Registrar that you have completed the GH CE requirement.

Not yet finished?
Students have up to 2 semesters to complete the CE. If you have not completed the CE by the end of the semester in which it is started, you must register for GH951 (a zero credit one-time CE extension) in the subsequent semester to continue working on the CE. You should also meet with your CE advisor to update the timeline and scope of work. For more information on CE incompletes, see the CE Process & Policies.

Have additional questions or concerns? Please contact Joe Anzalone

CGHD Graduate Research Affiliate Program (GRAP) applications open Friday!

November 3rd, 2016 in GH Announcements

Are you looking for research opportunities with faculty? Do you want to be more engaged in the global health research community at SPH? Find out more information about GRAP here  

Click here for information about the CGHD Graduate Research Affiliate Program!

Applications open FRIDAY!

Apply to be on BU’s team for the 2017 Emory Global Health Case Competition! **Updated

October 27th, 2016 in Conferences/Seminars, GH Announcements, Outside Announcements

Apply to be part of BU's team for the 2017 International Emory Global Health Case Competition!
*Updated announcement 

Looking for innovative ways to engage in Global Health? Interested in working with a diverse team of students from the BU Schools of Public Health, Medicine, Engineering, Law, and Business?  Apply to be part of BU's team for the Emory Global Health Case Competition in March!  The application is here and it will close on the November 6th at 11:59 pm.  Although BU was placed on the waitlist for the competition, we are conducting a mini case competition onDecember 3 to select BU's team in preparation for coming off the waitlist.  For more information about the competition, please email this year's co-captains, Betsy Hinchey at and Chia-Ying Lin at

Do you want to learn Swahili?!

October 26th, 2016 in GH Announcements

Registration Open for Swahili Language with a Health Focus Course with Two Levels!

BU’s African Studies Center is offering “Swahili Language with a Health Focus” on the Medical Campus during the SPRING 2017 Semester, at two levels:

  • CAS LE529 A1 - Swahili with a Health Focus 1
  • CAS LE530 A1 - Swahili with a Health Focus 2 (prerequisite, previous course in Swahili)

This is a fantastic opportunity for MPH and other students on the MED campus who are interested in working in East Africa. The course is offered for 1 credit. Meeting times will be determined based upon when enrolled students are available. (Depending on interest, more than one section may be offered).

This intensive course will be scheduled for 1 hour & 45 minutes, twice a week. The class will focus on providing students with practical speaking, listening, and reading skills that will be useful in conducting fieldwork and will also highlight East African cultural notions of health.

If you are interested in taking the course please register for CAS LE529 or LE530 as soon as possible via student link. Once you have registered, the instructor will communicate with you directly about scheduling. Contact Professor Geofred Osoro at if you have questions.


  • Credits from language courses, will not count toward your MPH degree.
  • Students taking 12-17 SPH credits can register for this class without additional tuition expense.

Pre-register for high demand GH courses by October 13

October 6th, 2016 in GH Announcements

Pre-registration for high demand GH courses, GH722, GH743, and GH804 is now open. If interested please complete the form by October 13

SPH GH 722:
Supply Chain Management for Improved Health System Performance
Supply chain logistics is an important aspect of public health programs, and an area that is often unappreciated. The journey from manufacturer to a patient in a remote rural village in Africa is complicated and fascinating serious management challenge. This course provides a practical introduction to the core tenets of health commodity supply chain management (SCM), including system design, assessment, quantification, procurement, inventory management, and logistics management information systems. Using the "Access Framework," students will gain foundational knowledge and apply that knowledge in class exercises, discussions, case studies, and stakeholder interactions. Course assignments will have a strong experiential component with a focus on professional level communications and analytical skills.
SPH GH 743: 
Implementing Health Programs in Developing Countries: Making Programs Work
As professionals working in low and middle income countries, we often end up running programs we did not design, which are under-financed, and which face enormous implementation challenges. In this course, students will work with a specifically identified health program that is currently being implemented and conduct systems analyses, undertake problem solving exercises, and propose solutions to real implementation challenges in the field. Ultimately they will be able to prioritize the interventions necessary to effectively run a complex health program in such diverse situations as urban slums and dispersed rural areas in developing countries and be prepared to plan the actions to effectively run those programs. This course is directed towards students in the health management emphasis area and is not suitable for students in their first semester of studies. Students who will particularly benefit from this course are foreign nationals returning to their own countries and U.S.citizens or residents who will provide technical assistance through NGOs or other agencies to implement existing health programs.
SPH GH 804 
Located at the nexus of technology, informatics and public health, mHealth (defined as medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless devices) is rapidly emerging from its pilot stage to become an important component of public health programs. In this course, you will learn how to design, develop, implement and evaluate a mHealth program. You will learn the basic terminology of mHealth programs, how to develop, design and evaluate a mHealth intervention as well as learn the current state of the field and major international mHealth implementers. Using a theoretical base, you will also learn the technical skills of developing an application based on a case study that can be deployed and used on a mobile phone. This course is suited for students who are at least in their second semester and who are familiar or interested in learning more about how mobile technology intersects with the health sector.