Consortium of Universities for Global Health – Call for Campus Representatives!

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September 5th, 2017

Dear CUGH Member Institution,

We are reaching out as the Trainee Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Consortium of Universities in Global Health (CUGH) in an effort to engage and bring the voices of local student groups together who are involved in Global Health. We would like to further strengthen and harmonize the diverse efforts of those who share similar goals in Global Health across universities. The TAC is a group of trainees involved in Global Health and selected by CUGH to contribute to the work of the organization and provide a trainee perspective to the organization’s work. We seek to ensure that the CUGH programs benefit from the rich experiences of trainees through acting on their input, counsel, and products in order to build a more robust community. The committee is composed of trainees from undergraduate and graduate levels across disciplines who share an interest in Global Health and  bring the trainee perspective to aid in the advancement of the CUGH mission of building interdisciplinary collaborations in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge to address Global Health challenges, create equity, and reduce health disparities globally.

In pursuit of these goals and to further elicit input from the broader community, we are announcing a call for Campus Representatives from each CUGH member institution. We are looking for Campus Representatives that will act as the liaison between TAC and the Global Health student body at their university. The Representative will be pivotal in reaching out to groups active in Global Health at their institution, playing a vital role in building a larger network for collaboration. The following describe the role of the Campus Representative:

Obligations of a Campus Representative:

  1. Be a liaison between your on-campus Global Health trainee-specific activities and CUGH TAC.
  2. Forward CUGH TAC communications and projects to local students interested in Global Health.
  3. Work on Global Health advocacy projects in collaboration with the CUGH TAC, serving as lead contacts and mobilizers of on-going advocacy work.
  4. Gather local students’ feedback about the roles of CUGH and TAC in Global Health and any modifications that may be warranted.
  5. Provide ideas for solutions to various Global Health issues.
  6. Understand and represent the voice of Global Health students from your member institution.
  7. Create and maintain a list of contacts of students and/or student groups interested in Global Health to facilitate information dissemination.


Benefits of a campus representative:

  1. Be the face of one of the biggest Global Health organizations to your campus.
  2. Possible involvement in organizing Global Health topic webinar series, either content-related or promotional activities.
  3. Network with students and professionals in Global Health on your campus and beyond.
  4. Access to CUGH Young Speaker Bureau.
  5. If your institution is not a CUGH member institution, each campus representative can join CUGH as individual member with membership fee waived during the service term.


Thus, Campus Representatives will serve a critical role in illuminating their institution’s Global Health activities, function as a link between their institution and the members of the CUGH community, and assist in the larger strengthening of the Global Health community. Through acquiring local input and perspective, we can achieve our mission of interdisciplinary collaboration across education, research, and service for mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships between universities in resource-rich and resource-limited countries. The Campus Representative will serve an important role in this capacity.

The nomination form can by filled out by CUGH Institution Representatives:

We would greatly appreciate it if we could receive your nomination by Sept 15, 2017.



CUGH Secretariat

CUGH Trainee Advisory Committee