Professional Programs

Certificate Program in Cheese Studies

This in-depth exploration of cheese varieties and production examines an international array of cheeses, from farm to table. Award-winning cheese monger and internationally-renown entrepreneur Ihsan Gurdal teaches students the techniques used in making all types of cheese, from the softest washed rind to Parmigiano Romano. Gurdal will share stories about vi siting cheesemakers worldwide, the vast work they put into their craft, and the hurdles he has jumped through to import product internationally. Each class will include cheese tastings paired with condiments and wine. Successful completion of this course and final exam will lead to a certificate from Boston University.

This course will be offered in a future semester.

Regional Italian Cuisine, with Mary Ann Esposito

Led by Mary Ann Esposito, host of Ciao Italia, America’s longest-running cooking show, this course will introduce students to regional Italian foods. Emphasis will be on identifying key food ingredients of northern, central, and southern regions, as well as how these regions are defined and how their characteristics are utilized in classic recipes. In addition, a goal will be to differentiate the various regional cooking styles like casalinga cooking versus alta cucina cooking. The course features selected readings, online lectures and interactive materials, exclusive cooking demonstrations, and three live cooking sessions with Mary Ann.

This course will be offered in a future semester.

History of Pastry, with Jim Dodge

Led by Chef Jim Dodge, former director of specialty culinary programs for Bon Appétit with over forty years of experience in high-end pastry, this course provides an insider's survey of the history of pastry from the implementation of ancient grains to pastry’s depiction in contemporary media. Topics include the development of wild yeast and ancient grains in Egypt, the chemistry of 18th century Italian confectioners who made their own flavorings, extracts, food colors, and clarified sugar, royal courts and religion with their edible monuments, new wealth of the industrial revolution, world wars and the challenges to advance food processing, equipment, and factory farms, the importance of chocolate, and the past decades of food media and food styling (especially the increased enthusiasm of TV baking shows). Student assignments will include making recipes using only their hands to understand the importance of touch so they can feel how the ingredients change through the process.

This course will be offered in a future semester.

Becoming a Personal Chef, with Claudia Catalano

Led by Claudia Catalano, writer for The Boston Globe and owner of Wild Carrot personal chef services, this course will guide students through the process of planning, starting, and maintaining a personal chef business. It will cover a full range of topics, including but not limited to: food preparation skills, recipe and menu development, food packaging, cooking approaches, time management, and cooking for special diets. It will also cover how to develop an initial business plan that includes pricing structure, business goals, and marketing strategy. Students will have the opportunity to work in a professional kitchen and taste and evaluate each other's make-ahead meals and will get feedback on business ideas, recipes, and marketing strategies. Guest speakers will offer insight into the industry by sharing their own unique approaches.

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