Veterans Benefits Recipients

For detailed information about benefits for veterans and military-affiliated students, visit our Veterans Website.

In some instances, it may be permissible for a student to receive VA Educational Benefits that when combined with other financial aid exceeds the total cost of attendance for the academic year. However, Boston University encourages students to limit their educational borrowing to no more than absolutely necessary. Educational loans must be repaid.

Our financial aid advisors are trained to help military service members apply for benefits and financial aid. For personalized information and counseling, service members are encouraged to contact the Veterans Services Coordinator at 617-353-3678 or

Federal Financial Aid

Your Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Direct Loans) will not be reduced due to your receipt of Veterans’ Benefits.

Boston University Scholarships

Your Boston University financial aid could be affected by your receipt of Veterans’ Benefits. Your receipt of a BU need-based scholarship and any combination of merit award, outside scholarships, and veterans’ educational benefits may not exceed institutionally demonstrated financial need. A reduction of need-based financial aid will be required only if the total amounts received from these sources exceed the student’s calculated financial need. Regardless of the type of VA benefit received or whether that benefit results from the student’s military service, or the military service of their parent, the impact on the student’s financial aid is the same.

Boston University may be notified by the Veterans Administration about your VA benefits, but you should still notify BU Financial Assistance of them yourself if you have not done so already. In addition, notify us if the amount of your VA benefit has changed. Early notification will enable us to communicate with you about any adjustments that may need to be made to your BU scholarship aid so that you can plan accordingly.