Transfer Students

We understand that as a transfer applicant you have done this before, but we urge you to take a minute and review the Boston University information about financial aid for transfer students, as schools may differ in the requirements and money offered. Need-based Boston University scholarships are offered on a competitive basis. Our transfer financial aid deadline is critically important.  Various other factors are considered including demonstrated financial need, academic achievement, the availability of funds for your program of study, and other factors.

And when it comes to college expenses you can’t plan one year at a time. You need to plot out how you’re going to pay for the entire program, from start to finish. That’s why with the BU Scholarship Assurance, as long as your total aid doesn’t exceed your cost of attendance, your Boston University scholarship will be renewed at the same level each year – guaranteed – with no additional CSS Profile™ required.

Download and print the checklist and use it to help you manage your way through the process.