Appeal for Reconsideration

All requests for reconsideration of a need-based financial aid decision are carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis within our established guidelines for awarding need-based financial aid. Every effort is made to assist qualified students who fully document new or extenuating circumstances.

To provide some guidance, here are some of the most common reasons we may increase financial aid:

  • Significant decrease in current year income not reflected on your tax return
  • Prolonged unemployment of a parent or spouse
  • Unusually high or unexpected medical expenses paid
  • Receipt of a one-time income source reported on tax return

Regrettably, the coronavirus has become a cause or contributing factor in a growing number of appeal requests. We have added a bullet to our appeal for reconsideration form for those impacted by COVID-19. Relative to BU aid, we will assess circumstances holistically and take into account any resources available to you and your parents from employment and other sources.

There is no guarantee that we will increase your financial aid. Many circumstances are taken into account automatically within the need analysis formula. However, we encourage you to consider appealing for reconsideration if net costs appear unmanageable. At a minimum, we may be able to recommend an affordable financing strategy to supplement your existing financial aid.

Appeal Timeline:

  • Academic Year Appeals – Complete appeal forms received before mid-September will be reviewed considering the full academic year.
  • Second Semester Appeals – Complete appeal forms received after mid-September will be reviewed for appeal funding beginning in the spring semester.

Appeals for enrolled students received after 2/1/22 will be considered for the subsequent academic year (Fall 22/Spring 23). You will be notified of these decisions when your award is renewed during the summer.

Priority Deadlines

To ensure consideration for the academic year starting in September, first-year students must submit appeals by April 15, transfer students by June 15, and returning students by August 1. We will begin reviewing returning student appeals in mid-July. Families who experience changes in financial circumstances after the appeal deadline may submit a Request for Financial Aid Reconsideration for the second semester, which is due by the first Monday of November. Complete appeal forms received after mid-September will be considered for appeal funding beginning in the spring semester.

Frequently Asked Questions