Appeal for Reconsideration

All requests for reconsideration of a need-based financial aid decision are carefully reviewed and every effort is made to assist qualified students who fully document extenuating circumstances. Award decisions based solely on merit are not subject to reconsideration. An award decision for an entering student is based on calculated financial eligibility, academic credentials presented upon admission, and availability of funds for the program of study. Returning students are awarded BU aid consistent with the terms of the BU Scholarship Assurance. To request reconsideration of a need-based financial aid decision:

  • If you are an entering freshmen, transfer or enrolled student, submit a letter of appeal requesting reconsideration of your current aid decision to the assistant director responsible for your application. Provide specific information about any change in your family’s financial situation or extenuating circumstances.
  • If you are an entering freshmen or transfer student and have not yet sent the documents listed below to Boston University (BU cannot access documents you may have sent to CSS/IDOC at the request of another university), please submit directly to BU Financial Assistance with your appeal request:
    • A complete and signed, (even if e-filed) copy of your 2016 U.S. federal income tax return, as submitted to the IRS, with all pages and schedules. If the IRS does not require that you file a tax return, complete the Income Verification – Student form.
    • A complete and signed, (even if e-filed) copy of your parents’ 2016 U.S. federal income tax return, as submitted to the IRS, with all pages and schedules.  If the IRS does not require that your parent(s) file a tax return, complete the Income Verification – Parent form.
    • Copies of all of your parents’ 2016 W-2 forms
Your assistant director, unless you are a Metropolitan College undergraduate student, is designated by the first two letters of your last name is listed below:
A – CL Alex Barton LB – OK Sarah Chase
CM – GO Jade Franco OL – SH Matthew Travis
GP – LA Chantel James SI – Z Martha Horton
All Metropolitan College Undergraduate Students Wyeth Howard

Priority Deadlines

To ensure consideration for the academic year starting in September, entering freshmen must submit appeals by April 15, entering transfer students by June 15, and returning students by August 1. We will begin reviewing returning student appeals in mid-July. Families who experience changes in financial circumstances after the appeal deadline may submit an Application Supplement for Midyear Financial Aid, which is due November 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you received a decision on your application for need-based financial aid and are still challenged by the remaining costs, we welcome your appeal for reconsideration of our decision.

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique and that your family’s financial and other circumstances may have changed since you reported financial aid application information to us on your Profile™ and FAFSA. If you are a returning student with an award covered under the BU Grant Assurance the Profile™ used to establish your eligibility may not be very current. Also, you may believe that certain factors that could compromise your family’s ability to pay educational expenses were not asked about or disclosed on your financial aid application. We are happy to reconsider your eligibility based on any new information and documentation you provide.

The outcome depends on several factors including the nature of the circumstances you document and the availability of funds at the time your appeal request is received. Additional need-based scholarship, grant, loan, work-study or a combination of these could be offered. When approved, typical increases are modest. With our limited funds we strive to marginally decrease the burden of borrowing on you and your family.

Yes, continuing students must meet certain GPA and other academic standards to be eligible for financial aid and for a financial aid decision to be reconsidered. Applicants who have never received a BU need-based scholarship in the past must have at least a 2.50 GPA. All others must have at least a 2.00 GPA.

Appeals for reconsideration can be sent to us by first class U.S. mail, fax (617-358-2792), or in person. Supporting documentation should be provided depending on the circumstances referenced in your appeal letter. Please include your full name and BU ID number on all pages.

Yes, all requests are carefully considered, however our funding is limited and your chances of receiving additional funding are better if you apply before the deadline.

Limited funds may be available for students seeking reconsideration at midyear. Our Application Supplement for Midyear Financial Aid is available in September for students seeking assistance with educational expenses after the start of the academic year, particularly when family financial circumstances have recently changed or have worsened after they began classes.

Yes, you can always re-apply for financial aid next year and appeal for reconsideration in the future. We encourage you to bring any new or changed circumstances to our attention. However, future funding for new awards and appeal situations is limited. Individual awards or award increases offered in these circumstances will be modest. We urge you to carefully consider your options and whether resources currently available to you are sufficient to support your studies at BU.

Merit-based scholarship recipients are selected by the Board of Admissions and selection decisions are final. Scholarship terms and conditions, incuding award amounts, are pre-established. If you were not selected for a merit award or were selected and believe you need additional financial assistance, we encourage you to explore need-based financial aid and credit-based loans.

We make every effort to respond to all appeal requests as quickly as possible. Any changes made to your award can be viewed on the Applicant Link or Student Link. In addition, if you are an incoming freshmen and you submitted a complete appeal including income verification by the April 15 deadline, you will be sent a decision notification email before the May 1 deposit deadline so you can make a well informed enrollment decision. After April 15, decision notifications are sent on a rolling basis as quickly as possible. If we receive your appeal request after May 1, you can expect our response within two weeks of your submission. If you are an entering transfer student or returning student, we will make every effort to respond within two weeks of our receipt of your complete appeal request.