Building Equitable Resilience to Climate Events Capitol Hill Briefing

Boston University School of Public Health hosted
an in-person lunch conversation on Capitol Hill on Thursday, July 20, 2023. The briefing included leading public health experts from the American Cancer Society and the Mystic River Watershed Association about the detrimental effects of climate change on vulnerable populations, and how communities are mobilizing to address the impacts of climate change on the ground. The audience learned what lawmakers could do to enact policies that will provide support to the most vulnerable communities as extreme weather intensifies and ensure more equitable health outcomes for all. The briefing closed with remarks from U.S. Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) on the importance of combatting climate change to improve human health.

Dr. Amruta Nori-Sarma, Assistant Professor for Environmental Health, Boston University School of Public Health
Dr. Leticia Nogueira, Scientific Director, Health Services Research, American Cancer Society
Marissa Zampino, Community Organizer, Mystic River Watershed Association

Senator Ed Markey, D-MA, United States Senate

Dr. Gregory Wellenius, Professor and Director, Center for Climate and Health, Boston University School of Public Health

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