This project benefitted from varied sources of support, although up to the release date of the code base no grant had been awarded specifically for its development. Prof. Barba and Dr Yokota have continued strengthening collaborations with other researchers and pursuing initiatives to attract direct funding to ExaFMM and its development. We will add here any new support for the project.

Funding sources from 2012 onwards

logo-mghpcc-crop Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center; MGHPCC Research Seed Grant; 1/1/’12–12/31/’12 L Barba, C Cecka, H Johnston.

This award funds one graduate student at each institution: BU, Harvard and UMass Amherst, to develop several extensions to the ExaFMM framework, and will support one workshop to exchange ideas with other researchers in the field.



Sources of support previous to 2012

nsflogo2 EAGER: Experimental GPU Cluster for Fundamental Physics; NSF Award #OCI-0946441; 9/1/09–08/31/11 (PI: Richard Brower, CoPI: Lorena Barba and Claudio Rebbi).

This award funds the deployment of a 32-GPU Infiniband cluster, to be used in the development of algorithms for QCD and CFD that take advantage of many GPUs in parallel. This grant supported Dr Rio Yokota at 50% and also provided domestic travel support.

logo-ONR Multiplying Algorithmic and Hardware Speedup: fast multipole boundary element method on GPU; Office of Naval Research award #N00014-11-10356; 02/01/11–01/31/14 (PI: Lorena Barba). This award has partially funded PhD student Simon Layton, who is contributing to the ExaFMM project.
master-bo-lowres Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council First Grant Scheme, EPSRC award # EP/E033083; 07/02/07–07/01/10 (PI: Lorena Barba).

This award funded salary for a postdoctoral researcher in Bristol University, and supported Dr Rio Yokota for 1.5 years until his moving to Boston University in 2010. It also provided equipment and travel for both the PI and Dr Yokota. Although this grant did not specifically fund the work that has gone into creating the ExaFMM code base, it created an environment and the research group where this project could be born.