Using a WACOM tablet with Zoom

The WACOM tablet is both a display and a pen-input device. After plugging in the WACOM, follow any on-screen instructions for allowing the device to access your system and to install drivers for your computer. If drivers do not automatically install, appropriate (Apple or Windows) drivers can be found at this webpage: Once downloaded, run the driver installers to complete setup.

Tips on use:

  1. Mirror your laptop to the WACOM display or run as a separate workspace (in displays control)
  2. If using mirrored displays, run zoom on your desktop and any annotations to powerpoint or whiteboard from WACOM will be recorded.
  3. If using two displays, run your ZOOM window on the WACOM display. If running Powerpoint, set Powerpoint to be “browsed by an individual window” on the WACOM display. In Powerpoint:
    • Slide Show–>Set Up Slide Show–>Show Type–>Browsed by and individual window.
  4. Whiteboard options are:
    • Onto powerpoint, pre-populated with content
    • Onto Zoom Whiteboard
    • Onto alternative whiteboard (e.g., openboard)
  5. Annotations to powerpoint on Mac computers will not be saved unless you are running office 365 or Powerpoint 2019.  IT only distributes Powerpoint 2016 for faculty use on Macs