Active Shooter Incident Preparedness

What Is An Active Shooter Incident?

What defines an active shooter? Unlike a barricaded suspect who tends to stay in a known and confined area, an active shooter is generally on the move, difficult to locate or isolate, and therefore greatly increases the risk of death or serious injury to potential victims. Since the middle of the last century, there have been numerous active shooters in the United States and abroad. Unfortunately, of late, active shooters have become a tragic aspect of modern American life.

  • Victims are selected at random
  • Event is unpredictable and evolves quickly
  • Those in the vicinity must make a rapid decision based on the situation at hand (run, hide or fight)
  • Knowing what to do can save lives

What Can I Do Before It Happens?

Three helpful ways that you can prepare for a possible active shooter are:

  1. Read the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) booklet entitled Guidance for Active Shooter as well as the Active Shooter Response Pocket Card
  2. View the available active shooter awareness videos below:

This video was produced by the Boston Consortium of Higher Education and presents the preparation and response to an active shooter incident in an academic setting.

The second video was produced by the Sandy Hook Project. It is a  powerful new Public Service Announcement that urges students and teachers to take action today so that they won’t be wishing they did something about a tragic school shooting that could happen tomorrow.

3. Request “Active Shooter Response Training” for your department or student organization through the BUPD by contacting Lieutenant Robert Casey at (617) 353-2110. Alternatively, individuals can participate in the University’s online training, BU Managing Emergencies

What Should I do If an Active Shooter Event Happens?

First and foremost, remember: RUN, HIDE or FIGHT!!

Notify Boston University Police Department by calling (617) 353-2110 or 911