Get Ready: Prepare for an Emergency

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Rhett BU MascotStudents, faculty, staff, and parents can find emergency preparedness tools, training, and information here.

Crisis Action Team members should go to the Crisis Action Team page.

Find out who to contact in the case of an emergency. In case of an emergency dial 617-353-2121 on the Charles River Campus and 617-638-4444 on the Medical Campus.

Emergency Prep for BU Students, Faculty & Staff

Carry your BU Terrier card with you at all times for identification and access to streets and buildings.

At the beginning of each semester, make sure to familiarize yourself with:

  • Your classroom, office, and/or workspace
  • The location of the closest emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, AEDs, first aid kits, etc.)
  • Two emergency exit routes out of the building
  • Evacuation routes and emergency plans
  • RACE and
  • What “shelter in place” means and the BU Shelter in Place Procedures

Staff should also familiarize themselves with their department’s Continuity of Operations plans.

Prepare Before Emergencies

The best way to stay safe during an emergency is to prepare beforehand. Take these steps to ensure you are ready for a variety of incidents you might experience while on campus.

You should also be prepared for specific types of emergencies.

Emergency Prep for Parents

Parents play an important role in the Boston University community and BU is committed to providing a safe campus environment for all members of the University community. This mission is achieved by active participation by all University members, campus resources, and our community partners. We recommend that you take this time as an opportunity to protect your family with a communication plan.

Boston University works closely with the Boston Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management (BOEM) and the Boston Fire Department. University officials, including Public Safety, have participated in joint emergency response exercises and local emergency planning meetings. Boston University provides copies of the BU Emergency Response Plan to local authorities and has hosted emergency management meetings on campus. During an emergency, the BU Command Center will be in direct contact with the Boston Emergency Operations Center.

Response Plans