An efficient emergency response relies on everyone doing their part. The entire BU community should be familiar with basic emergency response, initial actions to take, and who to notify.

The Emergency Management Department provides both in person and on-line training for students, faculty and staff. Our in person training is conducted  with representatives from Environmental Health and Safety, BU Medical Campus Public Safety and BU Police Department and Emergency Management. The topics covered are as follows:

  • EHS
    • General Safety – Campus  and Clinical
    • Fire Safety
    • Research Safety
  • BUMC PS and BUPD
    • Personal Safety/Security
    • Active Shooter
  • EMD
    • BU Alert and Emergency Notifications
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Kuali Ready Continuity of Operations Planning

BU Managing Emergencies training is a highly interactive training and is broken down into two courses:

  • BU Managing Emergencies: This course pertains to everyone in the BU community. It discusses each type of emergency you may encounter. It covers initial actions, proper notifications, and other useful tools. Basic emergency response phases and actions are also outlined. There is a quiz at the end of the course that may be required at the discretion of your supervisor.
  • Managing Emergencies for Command Staff and Crisis Action Teams: This course is more specific in nature and is meant for those who actually serve a defined role in emergency response. This course discusses topics such as emergency command structure and specific roles and responsibilities. It also provides links to web sites, videos etc. that are very useful for emergency response teams.

Accessing the On-Line “BU Managing Emergencies” Training

If you have access to any courses in Blackboard Learn, you already have access to the first course. Managing Emergencies is the featured course you will see in a box in the left upper corner of the screen.:

1.    Log in to
2.    Come back to this page and click “Take the Course
3.    If you are taken to the homepage of the course, it means you are already enrolled, otherwise you will receive a message that you are not enrolled. Click where it says “Click here to enroll.”
4.    You will be taken to a screen that says “Access Denied”

5.    On this screen, click the green + Enroll sign  on the left of the screen
6.    On the next screen, click “Submit”
7.    Click “OK”
8.    You should now be able to begin the course


To access the second course Managing Emergencies for Command Staff and Crisis Action Teams, you must be enrolled (see next section of this document “enrolling in course”). Once you are enrolled, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “My Blackboard Learn Courses” tab.
  2. Find and click “Managing Emergencies for Command Staff and Crisis Action Teams” from your course list.

Enrolling in Courses

If you do not have a Blackboard Learn account, please email to be enrolled for general access in the learning management system. Supervisors who would like their whole group enrolled should have the following information available for each student.

  • Last name
  • First name
  • BU login name
  • BU ID

Crisis Action Teams and Command Staff will obtain access through the Emergency Management Department.


If you have any issues enrolling, please contact the IT Help desk via or by calling 353-HELP.

If you have questions/comments on the training content itself, please contact