The Boston University Student Elections Commission is a student group dedicated to the fair elections of the Undergraduate Student Government. It is our responsibility to facilitate these elections through the regulation of candidates, planning of events, and administration of voting platforms.

2019 At-Large Party Results:

The At-Large Party Results are in! There were 314 votes and the seating distributions are posted below:
Leather Apron: 4 seats
XKCD Party: 2 seats
Jonmichael Party: 2 seats
Transfers United:  1 seat
First Year Enhancement:  1 seat
Living BU: 0 seats


2019 E-Board Election Results:

After months of preparation and weeks of executions for this year’s e-board elections, the results are in. The two slates running were EmpowerBU and YourBU. After a week of voting, the voter breakdown is as follows:

Total Votes: 2109 (including write-ins)

EmpowerBU: 1396

YourBU: 628

Making EmpowerBU the new E-Board for the upcoming year!

Thank you all again for your support and help for making this possible!