The Boston University Student Elections Commission is a student group dedicated to the fair elections of the Undergraduate Student Government. It is our responsibility to facilitate these elections through the regulation of candidates, planning of events, and administration of voting platforms.

2023 Election Timeline

We are very excited for this upcoming Spring semester! Check out some of the events we have planned so far! Check back for updates regarding locations and time

  • Intent Form release: January 19th – February 5th
  • Information Sessions: January 31st in CAS B36 at 7pm and February 1st in HAR 228 at 7pm
  • Campaign Period: February 28th
  • Meet & Greet: February 28th – March 3rd at the GSU Link
  • Town Hall: March 15th in the GSU Backcourt 
  • At-Large and E-Board Debate: March 21st 
  • Announcement Dinner: April 2nd in TBD

Make sure to join us in our events!!!