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Paul Streeten Distinguished Lectureship: March 3, 2021

The Role of Industrial Policy in Global Development: Evidence from China and India

The role for the state versus the market has been a topic of great debate since the age of Louis XIV. While free enterprise and competition can foster great innovation, the unfettered state has also been host to many excesses. What is the right balance between free markets and state support? Join Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center, the Institute for Economic Development, and the Department of Economics for the annual Paul Streeten Distinguished Lecture in Global Development Policy on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

The 2021 Distinguished Speaker is Dr. Ann Harrison, renowned economist and Dean of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Dr. Harrison conducts research on multinational firms, foreign direct investment, international trade and global strategy, emerging markets, China and India. She has dedicated her career to creating inclusive and sustainable policies in development economics, international trade, and global labor markets. In 2017, Dr. Harrison and her co-authors were awarded the Sun Yefang Prize by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is considered one of China’s most prestigious honors in economics.

Relying on history and economics, Dr. Harrison will summarize the state of the literature on the effective role of the state in promoting innovation and growth, drawing on examples of India and China. Following the lecture, Dr. Harrison will answer questions from the audience. Kevin P. Gallagher, Professor of Global Development Policy and Director of the GDP Center, and Dilip Mookherjee, Professor of Economics, and Director of The Institute for Economic Development, will introduce and moderate the discussion.

The Streeten Lecture celebrates the example and legacy of BU Professor Paul Streeten as an eminent economist and interdisciplinary scholar who has had a significant impact on global development policy.

For a summary and recording of the event, please see: ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Compete: The Role of Industrial Policy in Global Development.’

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