Essentials of Economics in Context

by Neva Goodwin, Jonathan Harris, Pratistha Joshi Rajkarnikar,
Brian Roach, and Tim Thornton

Essentials of Economics in Context is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a one-semester introductory economics course that provides coverage of both microeconomic and macroeconomic foundations. Theoretical expositions in the text are kept close to reality by integrating numerous real-world examples and by presenting the material in an accessible and engaging style. This text addresses current economic challenges, paying specific attention to issues of inequality, globalization, unpaid work, technological change, financialization, and the environment, making it a genuinely twenty-first century introduction to economics.

The first edition is now available.

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Student Supplements
Access student study guide,  PowerPoint slides, and online appendices for the first edition here.

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Chapter 2: Foundations of Economic Analysis

Chapter 4: Consumption and Decision-Making

Chapter 13: Financial Instability and Economic Inequality

Chapter 16: Economics of the Environment

Key features of Essentials of Economics in Context include:

  • an inclusive approach to economics, where the economy is analyzed within its social and environmental context
  • an innovative chapter examining data on various economic indicators
  • focus on goals of human well-being, stability, and sustainability, and inclusion of core and public purpose spheres, instead of solely focusing on market activities
  • a wealth of online materials such as slides, test banks, and answers to exercises in the book

This text is the ideal resource for one-semester introductory economics courses globally.