What is Pronto?

Pronto is a simple and easy to use all in one communications platform that connects users via chat and video, so they can learn faster, collaborate, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly. Pronto turns teachers into innovators, classrooms into communities, and students into graduates.

Who Can Use It?

Pronto is available to BU students and faculty. Faculty can enable Pronto via their Blackboard course page.

Ways to Use Pronto in the Classroom

Pronto has many uses within the classroom, such as:

  • Remind students of upcoming deadlines with tasks
  • Establishing a sense of community
  • Increased engagement with students who are less likely to participate
  • Maintaining accountability for group projects
  • Provide a direct line of communication with students
  • Creating virtual office hours
  • Helpful for foreign language courses to find a practice partner


The Pronto app works on both IOS and Android phones and offers the following:

  • Students can chat with each other or the professor outside of normal channels (email)
  • Students can establish study groups or practice foreign languages
  • Professors can check on individual students or groups for group projects
  • Students can help each other tackle difficult concepts or questions, face to face


Pronto provides many advantages to students and professors including:

  • Professors can engage students face to face via the app (virtual office hours), or answer questions via chat (less reliance on email)
  • Students do not need to necessarily come to campus to ask professors a question
  • Students can engage each other to innovate and brainstorm (virtual discussion)
  • Professors can remind students of upcoming deadlines (accountability)

Workshops & Trainings

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Technology Support for Pronto

DL&I's Educational Technology team provides training in this area. To schedule a consultation, email

Users can also email for support or questions.

Additional support: Visit the Pronto site.

Teaching Guides & Resources

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