Resources suggested by BU WGS Faculty (Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program).

  1. Take the Trans 101 Gender Diversity Crash Course
  2. The course, developed by TGNCI young people, involves six short Youtube videos that cover a variety of topics related to gender diversity. The entire series is useful to watch, but Video #1: The Basics (7 mins) offers a general overview, which would be a solid starting point for educating parents, friends, co-workers, etc. They also include a  helpful booklet that includes general information, key terms, and guidance for cis folks who want to be better allies.
  3. Check out Gender Spectrum. This organization offers a wide variety of resources geared towards parents, peers, practitioners, faith leaders, and youth about gender diversity. It allows you to choose your own pathway to information based on your role.
  4. Explore the Intersex Justice Project and/or InterConnect, organizations focused on promoting information about and advocacy for intersex people.
  5. Learn more about pronouns and their importance at
  6. Watch this BBC mini documentary on Global Gender Fluidity to learn more about the many cultures around the world that have recognized and revered genders beyond the binary, and how respect for gender diversity has been impacted by colonialism and colonization.
  7. Explore a few videos from Them’s Inqueery, that examine the origins and evolution of various concepts related to gender diversity, like the term “Transgender”. If you are interested in learning more about best practices with terminology, check out the Trans Language Primer.
  8. Check out TSER: Trans Student Educational Resources, and in particular their gender unicorn, for an overview of the distinctions between gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, sexual orientation, and various forms of attraction.