Russell A. Giordano II

Professor of Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials; Director of Biomaterials; Assistant Dean of Biomaterials & Biomaterials Research

  • Title Professor of Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials;
    Director of Biomaterials;
    Assistant Dean of Biomaterials & Biomaterials Research
  • Office Housman
  • Phone 617-358-1848
  • Education DMD
    Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Research Interests

Fabrication of multiple phase interpenetrating ceramic composites.This research involves the infusion of various types porous ceramic matrices with resins, glasses and metals to fabricate materials for CAD-CAM machining systems as well as novel medical and dental implant devices.

Effects of machining and polishing conditions on ceramic materials. Research has involved the analysis of residual stress development as well as strength alteration due to machining and polishing. Milling devices such as the CEREC 2 (CAD-CAM device) as well as the Celay (manual copy milling) have been used to fabricate test specimens from a variety of ceramic materials. These conditions have been compared to controlled sequential machining and polishing to analyze the effects of milling tools, load, solutions, and devices on ceramics.

New Materials Analysis. Many new materials are introduced to the dental community each year. A number of our projects involve characterization and analysis of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of ceramic, composite resin and metal restorative systems.

About Dr. Giordano

Dr. Giordano received specialty training in prosthodontics at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and performed research at the Ceramics Processing Research Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology leading to a D.M.Sc. degree in 1991 and a Certificate in Prosthodontics. Dr. Giordano’s research involved novel ceramics processing techniques as well as analysis of stress developed during finishing procedures. His research paper won the Arthur R. Frechette Award presented by International Association of Dental Research Prosthodontic Group. Before being appointed at Boston University, Dr. Giordano was an Instructor at Harvard in the Department of Prosthodontics where he served as Associate Director of Complete Denture Prosthodontics and Course Director of Dental Materials.

Dr. Giordano presently has several private and federally funded projects. A major research focus is ceramics and ceramic matrix composites. Projects include the testing of current ceramic restorative systems as well as the development of ceramic matrix composites with improved resistance to fracture and higher toughness. Evaluation of new dental materials systems is also an ongoing part of his research activity. Evaluation of the effects of surface finish on strength of ceramics has involved the application of novel machining systems such as the CEREC CAD-CAM system and the Celay copy milling system as well as the effects of polishing, fine grinding, glazing and etching.


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