CLIC Introduces Informatics-The Journey Continues


Informatics: The Journey Continues: Hexagonal logo representing Data Completeness, Data Quality, Data Standardization, Process Improvement, and Resources, all centered around Interoperability (The Power of Interdependence)

The goal of Insights to Inspire is to provide actionable intelligence, disseminate lessons learned, foster innovation, and encourage collaboration across institutions. As a follow-up to last year’s webcasts promoting interoperability, the 2022 program consists of a series of blogs and webinars that address the five categories related to the Informatics metric Program Summaries.

We encourage you to read the blogs to learn how these hubs used the power of interdependence to achieve success with the Informatics metric.

These institutions will also share their innovative approaches through webinars. Use the links below to register now so that you won’t miss this valuable information.

  • Rutgers University – Data Completeness – February 17th at 1:00 Eastern
  • University of Minnesota – Resources – March 22nd at 3:00 Eastern
  • Ohio State University – Process Improvements – April 13th at 1:00 Eastern
  • Stanford University – Data Quality – June 9th at 2:00 Eastern
  • Northwestern University – Data Standardization – date and time pending

*If you are unable to attend, all of the webinars are archived here.



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