CTSA Ansible- July 2020

THE SPOTLIGHT | WHAT’S NEW | GET INVOLVED | CONSORTIUM CORNER Mike’s Blog – July 2020 National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) During the past several months (there are times when the weeks feel like days and then others when the days feel like months), we have been working to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by creating a centralized, secure, cloud-based clinical […]

CLIC News Roundup June 16, 2020

News Roundup June 16, 2020 Updates from CLIC Announcing the development of CM-PRISM In response to comments received in the CMI 2.0 assessment, next year CLIC and NCATS will be launching a new Common Metrics Initiative (CMI) data submission tool called CM-PRISM. The use of the Clear Impact Scorecard has provided a foundation for hubs to […]

CTSA Ansible – June 12, 2020

THE SPOTLIGHT | WHAT’S NEW | GET INVOLVED | CONSORTIUM CORNER Mike’s Blog – June 2020 CTSA Program Fall Meeting – Call for Topics Spring has come and gone, and we find ourselves at the official start of Summer in a just few days. With the relativity of time now having been tested for several months by our distancing measures as […]

CTSA Ansible _May 8, 2020

THE SPOTLIGHT | WHAT’S NEW | GET INVOLVED | CONSORTIUM CORNER Mike’s Blog – May 2020 Figuratively – impossible, but virtually – I’m possible! Switching the Spring CTSA Program meeting from in-person to virtual was not a simple task but I believe we were able to really pull this off.  With CLIC’s coordination and a great effort from the group leads, CLIC […]

CTSA Ansible – April 10, 2020

THE SPOTLIGHT | WHAT’S NEW | GET INVOLVED | CONSORTIUM CORNER When the Whole is More than the Sum of its Parts Our CTSA Consortium resources, capabilities, expertise, and innovative thinking are critical in responding to the worst pandemic since HIV. The fast-evolving nature of this crisis requires readily available and deployable capabilities throughout the country. As such, our Consortium stands […]

CTSA Ansible 03/13/2020

        THE SPOTLIGHT | WHAT’S NEW | GET INVOLVED | CONSORTIUM CORNER Mike’s Blog – March 2020 Improving What We Measure There is a wise adage that: “what gets measured can be improved”. The process of translating science to improve health is full of inefficiencies including areas where slight improvements could have a large effect in helping expedite the […]

NIH NCATS E-Newsletter

August 15, 2019 Director’s Message NCATS is excited to host “Ask an Astronaut: Biomedical Science Edition” this month to help residents at The Children’s Inn at NIH learn about NIH-funded research in space and on Earth. Through the program, young NIH patients can speak with an astronaut on the International Space Station in real time. […]

CLIC-CTSA Newsletter

  THE SPOTLIGHT CLIC Un-Meeting: Applications For Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence In Translational Science On Saturday, June 1, 95 researchers, academic faculty, informaticians and clinicians from across the country gathered at the University of Rochester Medical Center to discuss applications for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in translational science. Attendees from 45 […]

ACTS Connection

ACT Connection: July 2019 Issue 1 Letter From the President Translational Science 2020 (TS20). Your calendars should highlight April 14-17, 2020 for our 10th annual meeting. Our partner organizations (ACTS, CRF, AFMR, AAMC, PhRMA, NIH) spent a day together last month in a dynamic session to create a vision for 2020 that retains the best of […]

CTSA Program Update

December 14, 2018 HELP US RENAME THE CTSA PROGRAM UPDATE! CLIC and NCATS are working together to revamp and modernize the monthly CTSA Program Update. This includes a brand new title for the newsletter – and we want your help in naming it! We will be accepting submissions until December 31, 2018. The winning name, […]