Teaching BU Hub Courses in the Summer

The Hub encourages students to explore a range of disciplines and learn skills they can build on in their personal, professional, and civic lives. Your course plays an important role in this exploration and preparation.

All courses that carry Hub areas must list in their syllabi the areas and the learning outcomes for each area. Beyond this policy requirement, faculty can view this resource—which includes two key teaching strategies and a syllabus checklist—as a set of suggestions, not as a prescriptive manual or rulebook.

For an overview of the Hub and important information about teaching Hub summer courses, please see this handout from the BU Hub office and CTL’s Hub Area Guides (for OSC, WIN, IIC, CR, RIL, TWX, and CRI).

Summer’s compressed timeframe means that students learn a semester’s worth of material over the course of six weeks. To work successfully within this timeframe, students should be clear about a course’s learning goals: what they are, when students will focus on them, and how students will demonstrate their comprehension of them or engagement with them. The following strategies can help support student success.

Strategy 1

Strategy 2

Summer Hub Teaching Syllabus Checklist

The list below is designed to help instructors check their syllabi in the weeks or days leading up to teaching a Hub summer course.

  • Early in the course, the syllabus and/or the instructor explains to students how the course, overall, will address the learning outcomes of its Hub areas, in addition to or alongside the other learning goals of the course.
  • Students should understand how the disciplinary or skill-based content of the course is situated in relation to the Hub learning outcomes of the course. Listing all the learning goals of the course, marking which are Hub learning outcomes, and then noting any connections between the various learning goals and Hub areas, can be a helpful way to create coherence and transparency in your course.   
  • It is clear how specific assignments are connected to Hub area learning outcomes. While not every assignment needs to be connected to a Hub area, students should understand how they will demonstrate their capacity with Hub learning outcomes.
  • The syllabus lists learning outcomes for each Hub area carried by the course. Instructors can reproduce the actual learning outcomes for a Hub area and then help students understand how the course will address those learning outcomes.