Opportunity to apply for CUNY Open Education Publishing Institute

The Graduate Center of the City University of New York has just announced its call for participants for the Summer 2024 Open Education Publishing Institute: Collaborative Knowledge and Social Justice, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities grant program and hosted by GC Digital Initiatives and […]

Some thoughts on English grammar assessment from a non-native speaker

Contributed by Federica Bocchi, PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Science (5-minute read) In her previous blog post, Maya discussed the tension between recognizing the importance of grammatical accuracy in writing assignments and acknowledging the disadvantages this practice could induce, especially in non-native English speakers. As a multilingual learner and instructor, I would like to offer […]

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Putting Grammar Back In: Linguistically-Responsive Writing Instruction

Contributed by Maya Chakravorty, Ph.D Candidate in Classical Studies (3-minute read) As a graduate fellow with BU’s Writing Program, I had the pleasure of attending the workshop “Putting Grammar Back In: Linguistically-Responsive Writing Instruction”, hosted by Master Lecturers Christina Michaud and Marisa Milanese earlier this semester. The aim was to talk about grammar and language […]

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Why Diversity at Conferences Matters

Contributed by Maria Valadez Ingersoll, Ph.D student at BU URBAN Program (4 minute read) As graduate students, attending conferences is an important chance for us to contribute to advances in our fields, to make connections with future employers or colleagues, and to create collaborations across institutions. Yet, simultaneously, conferences are a source of multiple stressors […]


UDL Learning Community: Applications Open

CTL and Digital Learning & Innovation (DL&I) invite faculty to join a year-long Learning Community on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Learning Community participants will meet for six 90-minute discussion and practice-based sessions in the spring and fall semesters of 2023. The meetings will be led by Luis Perez, a consultant for CAST.   Find our more about the […]

Spring Workshops on Writing and Feedback

Christina Michaud and Marisa Milanese, Master Lecturers from the CAS Writing Program, will co-facilitate two workshops in early spring. Workshop 1: Putting Grammar Back In: Linguistically-Responsive Writing Instruction For faculty who teach writing, rhetoric, or writing-intensive courses, “what to do” about grammar has long been a concern. Join us for an interactive workshop as we […]

Including Diverse Role Models in STEM Curricula

Including Diverse Role Models in STEM Curricula Contributed by Bryanne McDonough In most areas of the STEM workforce, racial minorities, people with disabilities, and women are still underrepresented [1,2]. As college educators, we have a critical role to play in retaining and encouraging underrepresented students in STEM. One way to accomplish this is by creating […]

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Clarity of Assignment Prompts: Considering Multimodality

Contributed by Pary Fassihi  (1 minute read) A clear assignment prompt will give students all the information they need to complete the assignment. Not only does this set the students up for success, but it also saves time and reduces any confusion they may experience. There are some common reasons students may find themselves confused […]

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