Including Diverse Role Models in STEM Curricula

Including Diverse Role Models in STEM Curricula Contributed by Bryanne McDonough In most areas of the STEM workforce, racial minorities, people with disabilities, and women are still underrepresented [1,2]. As college educators, we have a critical role to play in retaining and encouraging underrepresented students in STEM. One way to accomplish this is by creating […]

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Modeling Accessibility and Inclusivity through Film-making

Film Director Miguel Ángel Font Bisier discusses accessibility and inclusivity with Prof. Elena Carrión Guerrero’s Spanish translation class (Image courtesy of Elena Carrión Guerrero) Contributed by Elena Carrión Guerrero (Senior Lecturer, Spanish, Department of Romance Studies, CAS) (4 minute read) In my spring class, LS 306 Spanish through Translation, I was fortunate to receive a […]