Luke Moore

Research Assistant Professor of Astronomy

  • Title Research Assistant Professor of Astronomy
  • Office CAS 402
  • Phone (617) 358-3906
  • Education MA, Ph.D., Boston University
    BS, University of Arizona

Luke’s primary research interest is in studying the interactions between planetary atmospheres and the space environment. Towards that end, he develops computer models of the tenuous plasmas in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, he analyzes spacecraft data, and he conducts ground-based observations at a range of observatories. Current active research topics include: (1) understanding Saturn’s upper atmosphere and its interactions with the rings, (2) studying global IR and UV emissions at Jupiter, focused on supporting the Juno mission, and (3) using a newly-commissioned, CSP-built instrument called the Rapid Imaging Planetary Spectrograph (RIPS) to study faint emissions around objects such as Mercury, the Moon, and Jupiter’s moons.

Research Interests: modeling and observations of planetary atmospheres, with a focus on the upper atmospheres of the giant planets and on the coupling between atmospheres and the space environment. 


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