COM Studio, Edit Bay/Suite, and Technical Facility Regulations

The below are are general overview of the requirements and restrictions for using COM spaces. Please see COM Technology staff for assistance. COM reserves the right to ask students to leave technical spaces and cancel future reservations.

  • NO Food or open drinks in any Bay, Studio, or Suite. Exception: Drinks in a bottle with a cap or spill-proof travel mug. Please eat in the hallway and other common areas.
  • Students may not connect/disconnect cables or change the hardware configuration in rooms except where specifically indicated. External hard drives may be connected to ports on the front of computer and/or hub on desk. Please ask for help if something appears to be malfunctioning.
  • Podcast Studios, Suites, and Bays are intended for post-production and audio recording only. Desks and other furniture may not be moved for any reason. Requests to use the spaces for video recording must be approved in writing in advance.
  • Spaces are exclusively for completing COM coursework that has been assigned by a COM professor. Any and all other usage, including usage for clubs, internships, and “personal projects” must be approved in advance. Email for details and requests.
  • All spaces require reservations. Students must leave the space within 30 minutes of the conclusion of their reservation.
  • Do not prop doors open for any reason. Please email regarding access troubles.

Please email for questions or exception requests.