Street Bump


To talk about Street Bump, we have to introduce Smart Sustainable City first. What is Smart Sustainable City? A smart sustainable city is a city that leverages the Information and Communication Technology infrastructure in an adaptable, reliable, scalable, accessible, secure, safe and resilient manner aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of citizens, ensure concrete economic growth, streamline physical infrastructure, reinforce the ability to prevent and handle natural and man-caused disasters, establish an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach and an effective, well balanced regulatory, compliance and governance mechanisms.



Street Bump is a crowd-sourcing project belonging to the Smart City, which aims to help residents improve their neighborhood streets. Volunteers use the Street Bump iPhone mobile app to collect road condition data while they drive. The data provides governments with real-time information to fix problems and plan long term investments. The process of data collection is plain. Simply open the app and hit the “Record a Trip” button when you drive. The data will be uploaded to the government when you submit the trip by hitting the button “End Trip and Upload”. Also, you can delete the trip by hitting the “Cancel” button when you consider this is not a real bump but an accidental one.