CISE Affiliates receive 2023 Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation Awards

Seven CISE affiliates were awarded 2023 Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation Awards. Additionally, CISE Director Ayse Coskun received continued funding for the multi-year project AI for Cloud Ops.

The Red Hat Collaboratory, a partnership between Boston University and Red Hat, brings together academic researchers and the open source community to advance systems research at a scale that will have a broad impact on society.

CISE Faculty Awards –  Small Project category

Improving Cybersecurity Operations Using Knowledge Graphs

CISE Affiliate David Starobinski, along with David Sastre Medina (Red Hat), Zhenpen Shi (BU), and Şevval Şimşek (BU) aim to improve the workflow and performance of security operations centers, including automating several of its tasks, by leveraging the vast amount of structured and unstructured real-world data available on threats, attacks, and mitigation.

HySe: Hypervisor Security Through Component-Wise Fuzzing    
CISE Affiliate Manuel Egele, Muzammil Hussain (BU), and Bandan Das (BU) will design, implement, and evaluate program analysis capabilities that allow the preemptive identification of bugs and vulnerabilities in hypervisor components that use interfaces identified as exposed to potential attackers.

Prototyping a Distributed, Asynchronous Workflow for Iterative Near-Term Ecological Forecasting
CISE Affiliate
Yannis Paschalidis, joined by Michael Dietze (BU), Christopher Tate (Red Hat) and Atefeh Hosseini (BU) will prototype an accessible community infrastructure to generate ecological forecasts at scale, focusing on the development of a cloud-native workflow that can handle an asynchronous, event-driven, distributed approach to execution.

Co-Ops: Collaborative OpenShift-Based Training of Large Open-Source AI Models at Scale
CISE Affiliate Eshed Ohn-Bar, along with Adam Smith (BU), Erik Erlandson (Red Hat), Michael Clifford (Red Hat), Lance Galletti (Red Hat), Sanjay Arora (Red Hat), Ruizhao Zhu (BU), Jimuyang Zhang (BU), Yuanming (John) Chai (BU) will develop a set of open source, Red Hat-integrated tools for efficiently and flexibility facilitating diverse and modular collaboration when training AI models for autonomous driving at scale, emphasizing privacy-preserving knowledge sharing.

CISE Faculty Awards –  Speculative Project category

Minimal Mobile Systems via Cloud-Based Adaptive Task Processing
CISE Affiliate Eshed Ohn-Bar,
joined by Hee Jae Kim (BU), Lei Lai (BU), Sanjay Arora (Red Hat) and Bassel Mabsout (BU) will work to build an efficient cloud-robot distributed computing platform for automatic offloading of computationally intensive tasks to the cloud, improving performance and making low-cost, cloud-enabled robots accessible for a significantly larger set of users.

Privacy-Preserving, Automated Operational Data Sharing Telemetry Framework  
CISE Affiliate Alan Liu will develop an open source automated tracing system to collect, process, and anonymize operational data, focusing on identifying and testing privacy preservation models.

Open Source Infrastructure for Secure Educational Data Management to Optimize Treatment and Identification of Students with Learning Disabilities         
CISE Affiliate Eshed Ohn-Bar, alongside Hank Fien (BU), Ola Ozernov-Palchick (BU), Kasey Tenggren (BU) will develop a distributed infrastructure to process, store, analyze, and redistribute educational data that addresses privacy and security requirements for research on literacy-based disabilities.

CISE Faculty Awards –  Research Renewals

Creating a Global Secure Open-Source Research Platform to Better Understand Social Sustainability Using Data From a Real-Life Smart Village:  CISE Affiliate Christos Cassandras, Alexandra Machado (Red Hat), Jim Craig (Red Hat), Christopher Tate (Red Hat)

FHELib: Fully Homomorphic Encryption Hardware Library for Privacy-preserving Computing: CISE Affiliate Ajay Joshi, Shaun Ghosh (BU)

Enabling Intelligent In-Network Computing for Cloud Systems: CISE Affiliate Alan Liu