Two BU Researchers Receive over $1 Million Each in Funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Imagine being able to watch the smallest units of life—like cells and molecules—working together in real time. Seeing and measuring biological processes, a field called dynamic imaging, can help scientists unlock tremendous knowledge for treating diseases, from cancer to Alzheimer’s. In an effort to take biological imaging to the next level, two Boston University College […]

Faculty across five BU research centers will work together to prevent future pandemics

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at Boston University will work towards predicting and preventing future pandemics as part of a new $1 million project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Faculty members from the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering, the Center for Information & Systems Engineering (CISE), the […]

CISE awarded $8.8M to develop the next-generation robotics and autonomous systems workforce

The Boston University Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) received an $8.8 million award to fund a new center called the BU Robotics and Autonomous Systems Teaching and Innovation Center (BU-RASTIC). The award, including $4.4M from the Innovation Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MassTech) and $4.4M matching funds from Boston University, will serve to […]

Faster, Greener, Cheaper, More Secure: Yazicigil’s GRAND Project Pushes Forward with New Funding

CISE Faculty Affiliate Professor Rabia Yazicigil (ECE)  and her MIT collaborators are on a roll. The multi-institutional team behind the GRAND universal decoder algorithm and its first realization in hardware have been awarded $5M in funding by the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) to continue developing revolutionary improvements to wireless communications. Alongside co-PIs Professor […]

Lighting the Way Forward for Autonomous Vehicles

CISE Faculty Affiliate Ajay Joshi with collaborators at Lightmatter and Harvard University receive $4.8M IARPA grant to develop a new Electro-Photonic Computing (EPiC) system for  AI-based navigation in Autonomous Vehicles Anyone who has ever been behind the wheel of a car knows that response time is crucial. The human sensory system needs to be fully engaged in order […]

Seven CISE Faculty Affiliates Receive 2021 Red Hat Research Incubation Awards

Seven CISE faculty affiliates are among the recipients of the 2021 Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation Awards. Projects funded through the Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation Award are open source and focus on problems of distributed, operating, security, or network systems whose solutions show promise for advancing their fields and impacting the tech industry.  “The […]

Stealth Driverless Cars without Visible Light?

CISE Faculty Affiliate Professor Vivek Goyal (ECE) recently received a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) subaward for his work in connection with the agency’s Invisible Headlights program. Professor Goyal is working under an award to MIT entitled, Super Headlights: Superconducting Nanowire Detectors for Passive Infrared Sensing.  The DARPA Invisible Headlights program has a very […]

Spring 2021 CISE-ENG Seed Award Recipients

Four Spring 2021 Seed Grants were awarded by the Boston University Center for Information & Systems Engineering (CISE) and the College of Engineering’s (ENG) Dean’s Catalyst Award program.  This joint seed-funding program is aimed at enabling CISE affiliates and ENG faculty the opportunity to kickstart innovative interdisciplinary research projects, broaden significant research areas, and collect preliminary data […]