Eshed Ohn-Bar: Advancing Assistive Technologies with AI

For someone who is visually impaired, navigating an unfamiliar street can be challenging. Even going straight can be tough in an open space. Encountering obstacles, stairs, and intersections can potentially result in an unsafe situation. While aids, such as white canes or guide dogs are helpful, they can’t exactly tell someone who is visually impaired […]

Using Soft Robotics to Increase Safety and Success in Surgery

  Lung cancer affects more than 230,000 Americans, and more than 120,000 will die from it every year. However, the efficiency and consistency of lung cancer biopsies are low, reaching nearly 81%, according to a recent study. Professor Sheila Russo, the founder and director of the Boston University Material Robotics Laboratory, works to combat untrustworthy cancer […]

Sabelhaus Research: Advancing the Safety of Soft Robots for Human Interactions

  The emergence of soft robots will enable safe human interactions which will allow robots to assist in the industrial, medical, automotive and space industries. College of Engineering Professor Andrew Sabelhaus (ME, SE), has been working on making soft robots safer to improve these human interaction tasks, in areas such as medicine, as well as […]

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Using Optimized A/B Tests to Improve Online Software Services

Have you ever wondered what exactly is happening when a website asks to track your cookies? CISE Faculty Affiliate Jinglong Zhao (Questrom) is working to help web-facing firms such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook use cookies to improve their software services. Zhao works at the interface between optimization and econometrics. He designs field experiments […]

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New Technology Could Predict When Someone’s Mobility is Declining

CISE Faculty Affiliate Roberto Tron uses Visual-Inertial Filtering for Clinically-Relevant Human Walking Quantification As we age, the likelihood of falling and getting injured increases. But what if we could prevent these accidents from happening? CISE faculty affiliate Roberto Tron is working on preventing injuries by monitoring mobility through cameras, sensors, machine learning, and estimation algorithms […]


Maybe It’s Time to Start Saving Urban Forests

When we think of saving forests we think of big expanses of trees in rural areas, but recent studies have shown that maybe we should start thinking about saving the trees in cities. Lucy Hutyra, CISE faculty affiliate and CAS Earth and Environment Professor, studies the effects of urbanization and land-use change on ecosystems, but […]

Wenchao Li: Building Safe and Trustworthy AI Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, powering applications such as Spotify music suggestions, facial recognition from your smartphone or the ETA of your Uber. Neural networks are also being explored as controllers in a breadth of safety-critical systems, from piloting drones to detecting anomalies in nuclear power plants to maintaining first responder communication systems. At the […]