Announcing the 2022 CISE Best Student Paper Awards

CISE is delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 CISE Best Student Paper Award. This year five papers were chosen as award recipients. The winning papers were selected via a blind review process, and were evaluated based on the significance and impact of the work, creativity and innovation, completeness and quality, articulacy, and relevance to information and systems engineering.  The winning papers will be presented Friday, April 29, 3PM, at the BU Photonics Building, Room 210, followed by the CISE end-of-year party. We would like to extend our deep appreciation and thanks to the 16 CISE faculty affiliates who reviewed and provided valuable feedback to guide the award selection.


Temporal Difference Learning as Gradient Splitting
Lead author: Rui Liu, PhD candidate of Systems Engineering
(Advisor: Alex Olshevsky)


MicroFaaS: Energy-efficient Serverless on Bare-metal Single-board Computers
Lead author: Anthony Byrne, PhD candidate of Computer Engineering
(Advisor: Ayse Coskun)


Routing and Rebalancing Intermodal Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems in Mixed Traffic
Lead author: Salomón Wollenstein-Betech, PhD of Systems Engineering
(Advisors: Christos Cassandras and Yannis Paschalidis)

MORPHUZZ: Bending (Input) Space to Fuzz Virtual Devices
Lead author: Alexander Bulekov, PhD candidate of Computer Engineering
(Advisor: Manuel Egele)

Generalized Proximal Policy Optimization with Sample Reuse
Lead author: Jimmy Queeney, PhD candidate of Systems Engineering
(Advisors: Christos Cassandras and Yannis Paschalidis)


John Baillieul, Distinguished Professor, ENG (ME, ECE, SE)
Calin Belta, Professor, ENG (ME, ECE, SE), Director, BU Robotics Lab
Michael Caramanis, Professor, ENG (ME, SE)
Christos Cassandras, Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Head of Division, ENG (SE), Professor, ENG (ECE)
David Castañón, Professor, ENG (ECE, SE)
Ashok Cutkosky, Assistant Professor, ENG (ECE, SE), Faculty (CDS)
Janusz Konrad, Professor, ENG (ECE)
Wenchao Li, Assistant Professor, ENG (ECE, SE)
Alan Liu, Assistant Professor, ENG (ECE, CS)
Alex Olshevsky, Associate Professor, ENG (ECE, SE)
Yannis Paschalidis, Director of CISE, Distinguished Professor of Engineering (ECE, SE, BME), Founding Member and Faculty (CDS)
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos, Associate Professor, CAS (Math/Stat)
Lei Tian, Assistant Professor, ENG (ECE, BME)Ari Trachtenberg, Professor, ENG (ECE, SE)
Ari Trachtenberg, Professor, ENG (ECE, SE)
Roberto Tron, Assistant Professor, ENG (ME, SE)
Rabia Tugce Yazicigil, Assistant Professor, ENG (ECE)