University Chaplains

Each of the University Chaplains comes from a particular religious tradition but is available to members of the community from any tradition. They are ordained in good standing in their traditions and have been invited to serve the Boston University community in all of its rich religious diversity. The University Chaplains serve on the Boston University Religious Life Council, the advisory body to the Dean of Marsh Chapel for policy and oversight of religious life across the university. A complete list of recognized religious life student groups at Boston University, including those that do not have a university chaplain, can be found on the Student Activities Office website.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill (bio) 617-358-3394
The Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman(bio) 617-353-1121
The Rev. Dr. Jessica Chicka (bio) 617-358-3560
Fr. Kevin Staley-Joyce (bio) 617-353-3632
Rabbi Elie Lehmann (bio) 617-358-7430
Rabbi Jevin Eagle (bio) 781-801-0426