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Summer/Fall 2014


Ready-Mixed Murals 

Ready-Mixed Murals

Concrete mixer trucks become swirling, spiraling works of art

Multitasking Maestro 

Multitasking Maestro

What do BU and the Rolling Stones have in common?

Sketch to Soundstage 

Sketch to Soundstage

Jane Musky creates the defining look for films like Ghost

CFA Collage

  1. #cfanotes


    Take us behind the scenes
  2. Sit on the Art

    Sit on the Art

    Enlivening CAS one chair at a time
  3. Midsummer Mischief

    Summer Mischief

    Shakespeare on a bare stage
  4. Trending on Twitter

    Trending on Twitter

    Snow White tweets about CFA
  5. Broadway

    On Broadway

    Alums top the Tony Awards
  6. Jon Imber

    Celebrating Imber

    He painted through his pain
  7. Alums at the Oscars

    Alums at the Oscars

    Big wins for Frozen and 12 Years a Slave
  8. Art Shines at Night

    Art Shines at Night

    A conversation between BU buildings
  9. Master Class

    Master Class

    MET stage director returns to CFA

Mixed Media

  1. Artist at Work

    Artist at Work

    Falling for the “First Love” music video
  2. Alumni news

    Alumni News

    What’s happening in the lives of alums
  3. Supporting CFA

    Supporting CFA

    An honor roll of CFA donors