Professional Development Opportunities

Annual CCSR Workshop: This professional development is designed for practicing educational professionals (teachers, administrators, counselors…). Topics are determined based on the pressing needs in schools (e.g. recent CCSR workshops include anti-bullying and creating a positive school climate). The one-day workshop incorporates research and action planning, fitting for both individuals or groups.

Dean’s Seminar Series: A regular, annual rotation of six 90 minute seminars on the character and ethical dimensions of developing educational issues across the PreK – 20 system. Be prepared to open your eyes and your heart as these seminars will ask the challenging questions and develop possible solutions through collaborative discussions.

Kevin Ryan Symposium: Honoring our founder, Dr. Kevin Ryan, this annual event will feature an author sharing the insight of his/her research that delves deep into one aspect of character, ethics and/or social responsibility (visit our Resources Publications page for past and possible future books by authors being featured). This symposium will be at the outset of each academic year and will initiate conversations and subsequent activities.