Author: Swathi Kiran

Teens teaching technology program at BU_BU Today close up

For eight weeks this summer, high school students taught stroke survivors how to use various forms of technology, smart phones, tablets, computers and various types of software. This program allowed high school students to understand more about aphasia and allowed stroke survivors to learn and troubleshoot their technology problems. Here is a picture on BU […]

Our Lab has four presentations at the upcoming Clinical Aphasiology Conference

Relationship between levels of assistance and changes in treatment performance in individuals with aphasia-­‐Understanding individual responsiveness to rehabilitation: Des Roches, Mitko &  Kiran Evaluating treatment  and generalization patterns of two theoretically motivated sentence comprehension therapies; Vallila-­‐Rohter, Des Roches, Tripodis, Caplan, & Kiran Understanding semantic and phonological processing deficits in adults with aphasia: Effects of category and typicality. Erin Meier, Melody Lo and Swathi Kiran Domain general vs. […]

Aphasia Lab presents three posters at #OHBM

Aphasia Lab will present three posters on brain mapping and connectivity at the annual human brain mapping #OHBM in Hawaii in June. Vallila-Rohter, S., & Kiran, S. (2015, June). Neural activations during feedback-based and paired associate category learning in aphasia.  Poster to be presented at the annual Organization for Human Brain Mapping Meeting, Honolulu, HI. […]