Computer Science faculty Assistant Professor Mark Bun (co-PI), Assistant Professor Marco Gaboardi (PI), and Professor Adam Smith (co-PI) received a new award from the US Census. Their project “Towards an End-to-End Approach to Formal Privacy for Sample Surveys” is a multi-institution project involving BU (as the lead institution), Harvard University, Georgetown University, and University of Maryland. This is a large effort with total award of $3.7 million (the BU portion is $1.5 million.)

This project will help develop methods for providing formal privacy guarantees for data collected through complex sample surveys. This includes improving understanding of how common survey practices such as stratification and weighting adjustments interact with privacy guarantees, as well as understanding how to adjust current privacy methods to support inherently smaller sample sizes.

You can read more about it at the Census website.

Photo Credit: Enayet Raheem on Unsplash