Arts & Sciences at Boston University is a leading liberal arts and sciences undergraduate college and graduate school situated in the historically, culturally, and intellectually rich and vibrant city of Boston. We provide an outstanding undergraduate education enriched by opportunities for hands-on research and experiential learning. We offer a broad range of outstanding graduate programs, and we conduct rigorous foundational and interdisciplinary research. Our faculty are leaders in their respective fields, our students are exceptional scholars and engaged community members, our staff are deeply committed, and our alumni are agile, creative, thoughtful leaders and citizens. Over the last 10 years, we have built upon these core strengths and pursued our goals articulated in the 2010–2020 CAS Strategic Plan.

The following document outlines our plan for the next 10 years. It is guided and shaped by three overarching principles: capitalizing on our size and strengthening our community, pursuing our vision for the future holistically across Arts & Sciences, and being ready for what’s next in an unscripted world. Our size is a defining asset: we are a large college and graduate school of arts & sciences, within an even larger university. How we work together, make connections, build neighborhoods, and collaborate with each other is interwoven throughout our priorities and initiatives. In defining our goals, we take a holistic approach to our undergraduate, graduate, and research pursuits. Our programs and activities will build upon one another, and we will continue to firmly ground ourselves in the tradition of the liberal arts and sciences. Together, we will be innovative and adaptable for whatever the future might hold.

BU Strategic Plan

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