About BUniverse

BUniverse is a place for the BU community to exchange ideas through video. It is both a destination and a tool that allows us all to contribute, share, and discuss videos related to our lives and work at BU.

What type of content belongs here?

BUniverse is about building community and reflecting the vitality of our lives here. So record your chemistry experiments, your a capella performances, the 30-hour van ride you undertook for Alternative Spring Break. Upload your surgical training videos or your classroom discussions. Are your views controversial? Good, bring them.

Humor has a place on BUniverse as well. Funny and entertaining videos are always welcome. (Within limits; this is not the place for videos of you lighting your methane on fire.)

What not to bring here

Flagrant illegal activity such as underage drinking doesn't belong on this site. Likewise, personal attacks or bullying won't fly here, as videos or comments. If you have questions, please read our Terms of Service.

Why bring your videos here?

Since this is an official University site, BUniverse offers a good way to showcase the fruits of your education or tenure here. Consider building a portfolio for film, broadcast journalism, theatre, or presentations of business plans and case studies.

This site makes it easier for you to expose your ideas to other scholars. Who knows? You just might stimulate a surprising connection between biology and theology, or journalism and entrepreneurship.

This is also a place for dialogue. Here, students, faculty, and staff can comment on current events — and University policies. We will not delete your challenges or criticism, unless it veers into abuse. Whatever the issue and whatever form it takes, you're free to air your thoughts here, respectfully.

The site is also a resource for departments and groups who want to designate their events as public lectures and have them professionally filmed.

Your stuff remains your stuff

BU does not claim ownership of any copyrights for anything you post. This is your work; we just want to show it to the world.