BUCLD 38 Online Proceedings Supplement

Edited by Will Orman and Matthew James Valleau
April 2014

Children Don’t Like Restrictions: Evidence from the Acquisition of Object A’-dependencies in French
Anamaria Bențea and Stephanie Durrleman

Early Comprehension of Verb Number Morphemes in Czech: Evidence for a Pragmatic Account
Veronika Bláhová and Filip Smolík

Using Elicited Repetition to Test Copula Knowledge in Bilingual and Monolingual Two-Year-Olds
Frances Blanchette and Ignacio Montoya

A New Data Management Cybertool Supports Cross-linguistics Collaborative Research and Student Training
Maria Blume, Claire Foley, Jordan Whitlock, Suzanne Flynn, and Barbara Lust

Morphosyntactic Issues in the Development of Cypriot Greek Individuals with Down Syndrome: A Preliminary Analysis
Christiana Christodoulou and Kleanthes K. Grohmann

Online Processing of English Which-questions by Children and Adults: A Visual World Paradigm Study
Carla Contemori and Theo Marinis

Two-year-olds Distinguish Snakes from Nakes but not Trains from Tains
Margarita Gulian, Caroline Junge, and Clara Levelt

How Early do Children Understand Iconic Co-Speech Gestures Conveying Action?
Melissa L. Hrabic, Rebecca A. Williamson, and Şeyda Özçalışkan

Early evidence for syntactic bootstrapping: 15-month-olds use sentence structure in verb learning
Kyong-sun Jin and Cynthia Fisher

Crosslinguistic Influence and Exposure Effects in Child Second Language Acquisition
Nadine Kolb

Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Variation: Acoustic Characteristics of s-lenition in the Speech of Spanish-speaking Children
Karen Miller and Miguel Ramos

Puerto Rican Children’s Knowledge of the Spanish Copulas Ser and Estar with Adjectives
P. E. Requena, A. I. Román-Hernández, and K. L. Miller

Accentuation, Pitch and Duration as Cues to Focus in Dutch 4- to 5-Year-Olds
Anna Sara H. Romøren and Aoju Chen

Children’s Comprehension of Cohesive Use of Space by Gestures Accompanying Spoken Discourse
Kazuki Sekine and Sotaro Kita

Directing Toddler Attention: Intonation Contours and Information Structure
Jill C. Thorson and James L. Morgan

Grammatical Categorization of Nouns and Verbs in Mandarin-Learning Infants
Zhao Zhang, Rushen Shi, and Aijun Li