BUCLD 36 Online Proceedings Supplement

Edited by Alia Biller, Esther Chung and Amelia Kimball
April 2012

Tough-Adjectives are Easy to Learn
Misha Becker, Bruno Estigarribia and Duna Gylfadottir

Does “Case” Matter in the Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Romanian?
Anamaria Benţea

Seven-month-olds’ Discrimination of Statements and Questions
Susan Geffen and Toben Mintz

Acquiring Spanish Psych-Verbs: Maturation or Continuity?
Inmaculada Gómez Soler

Asymmetry in Child Comprehension and Production of Basque Subject and Object Relative Clauses
M. Juncal Gutierrez-Mangado and Maria-José Ezeizabarrena

Mapping Intransitive Verbs to Self-­‐Propelled Actions
Angela Xiaoxue He, Jeffrey Lidz

Construction Learning in Children with Autism
Matt A Johnson, Jeremy K Boyd and Adele E Goldberg

Harmonic Cues in Speech Segmentation: A Cross-Linguistic Corpus Study on Child-Directed Speech
F. Nihan Ketrez

The Effect of Variation on Phonetic Category Learning
Madelaine Krehm, Adam Buchwald and Athena Vouloumanos

English and Korean Stop Productions of Monolingual Versus Bilingual Children
Sue Ann S. Lee and Gregory K. Iverson

What Children’s Pause Patterns Indicate about their Constituent Structure
Erin M. Maloney, Doris L. Payne and Melissa A. Redford

L2 Acquisition of Discourse Constraints on the Use of Japanese Pronouns
Tokiko Okuma

When Gesture Does and Does Not Follow Speech in Describing Motion
Şeyda Özçalışkan

Lexical Alternatives Improve 5-year-olds’ Ability to Compute Scalar Implicatures
Dimitrios Skordos and Anna Papafragou