Registration rates for BUCLD 48 are the same for in-person and remote attendance. (Single-event rates are for in-person attendance only.)

1. EARLY 4-day (preregistration, by 10/20)
  • general: $270
  • postbacc trainee: $230
  • student: $165
2. REGULAR 4-day (available after 10/20)
  • general: $300
  • postbacc trainee: $260
  • student: $195
3. ONE-DAY (available after 10/20)
  • general: $180
  • postbacc trainee: $155
  • student: $115
4. SINGLE-EVENT (available after 10/20)
  • general: $35
  • postbacc trainee: $35
  • student: $20
Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD) 48:
Pre-registration closes and regular registration opens on Thursday, October 20th, 11:59 PM EDT:
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BUCLD Preregistration: Full (Four-Day) Conference

Select BUCLD Preregistration type* Rates are discounted during preregistration. Preregistration closes on October 20th, at which point regular price registration will open. The “Postbacc Trainee” category includes postdocs and lab managers.
How will you be attending the conference? Access for in-person vs. remote/virtual attendance: The keynote, plenary, and symposium presentations will be presented in person and live-streamed for remote participants, and questions following these presentations will be taken from both the live and remote audience. The majority of other presentations (talks and posters) will be in-person and not live-streamed. However, with presenters’ consent, in-person talks will be recorded for later viewing by remote participants; in-person posters will not be recorded.
If you are giving a presentation, do you consent to having your presentation recorded (for later viewing by remote participants)?

RSVP for Student Workshop on Thursday

Professionalization Workshop for Students and Postdocs (with light refreshments)

RSVP for Student/Postbacc Trainee Pizza Lunch on Friday

NIH/NSF Funding Symposium (with pizza lunch for students and postbacc trainees)

Registration for SLD Symposium*

Society for Language Development (SLD) Symposium, Thursday 1-6 PM More information on the SLD Symposium can be found at the SLD website.

Demographic Questions*

Please answer the following demographic questions, which provide data about BUCLD attendance to our funding sponsors.
Which best describes your primary role?
Are you the first generation in your family to attend a four-year college or university?
Please specify your ethnicity:
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Do you identify as having a disability?

Access at BUCLD

Please check below if you will use ASL-English interpreters (provided by the conference).

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Submit to complete registration (proceeding to secure Nelnet page to enter payment information if payment is required).


Refund Policy

In the event that a registrant is unable to attend the conference due to extenuating circumstances, the registration fee will be refunded on request after the conference has concluded. Please contact with all refund requests.


Conference proceedings will be published by Cascadilla Press in print and online with open access. Ordering your own printed copy of the proceedings is separate from registration. After registering, you will receive a code for 50% off the price of the printed edition.